Imaginary Xenophobe Lyrics Video
Alternative Rock Unit from Bandung, Imaginary Reveal “Xenophobe” Lyrics Video Taken from Upcoming EP

Imaginary is made up of four guys from Bandung whose music can be categorized as alternative rock. Formed in 2015, Isan (vocal/guitar), Ukis (guitar/synthesizer), Adit (Bass) and Giant (drum) started to play rock music with the addition of synthesizer sound to make their music even more exciting and different from the classic rock genre. Imaginary has recently uploaded a lyrics video for their song called “Xenophobe”. The track is taken from their upcoming EP called “Lie Truth” that will be out soon. The song is said to represent their worries regarding the current situation in their surrounding. Judging from the title, we expect more correlation with ‘fear of foreign things’, like what “Xenophobe” actually means according to the dictionary. A firmer grasp on the grammar would be lovelier if they improve on it as well. Furthermore, the lyrics “the world in pain” repetitively appear to describe the dying place we are living in.

The lyrics video contains visualization in mostly green and brown colors like soil and grass. The lyrics then float and move along in synchronization with the song. Imaginary said through a press release that the lyrics represent the genre of music that they bring. If you dig their sound, Imaginary have more songs in store like “Let Us Be Ourself”, “Midnight Fantasy”, “Where Is The Place” that you can listen here. You might as well check out their Soundcloud account which has one bonus track titled “Clown Tale”. Their “Lie Truth” EP will be out in April, stay tuned to their social media for the information of the release. Watch the lyrics video of “Xenophobe” below.