Kingkong Milkshake Dengan Kekalahan Music Video
Kingkong Milkshake
Pop Punk Collective, Kingkong Milkshake Reveal the Visual of “Dengan Kekalahan”

“Dengan Kekalahan”, the lead single from Kingkong Milkshake‘s album called “Melampaui Garis” has been chosen to be turned into a music video. The energetic pop punk quartet from Malang, previously have released the aforementioned album under The Paimo Distribution, a local record label from Malang back in 2016. The making of the music video took two weeks, starting from the end of January until mid February 2017. The band comprised of Sadat (Vocal/Bass), Lukman (Guitar), Habib (Guitar) and Edo (Drum) admit that this is the first time they make a music video in a professional way with a well ordered structure and concept. This signifies that the band take their music career seriously and besides using this music video as a promotional tool to spread their music, it is also to fulfill the request from their loyal fanbase, Kingkong Milksfriends.

The video is supported by Malang’s local clothing brand, Eleven Clown and they collaborate with Skylight Production to shoot the visual. It is directed by Digi Arafah and sees the band playing the instruments in a tennis court. The shooting process was done in Malang, and besides playing the music we could also see some scenes that portray a couple. They told that there is no difficulties or particular setbacks during the shooting and they feel a sense of relief to be able to make the request from their fans comes true. “We’re pretty excited with the result, all the team has been working hard to make this music video, hopefully Kingkong Milksfriends wherever they are will be happy to see the result of what we’ve done,” adds Sadat, the vocalist and bassist of Kingkong Milkshake. Watch the music video of “Dengan Kekalahan” below and listen to their album “Melampaui Garis” here.