Rubber Heat Deep Party
Rubber Heat
Credit: @hailescape
Semarang’s Minimalist Rockers, Rubber Heat Celebrate The Release of “Deep” EP with A Party

Rubber Heat does not happen when your tires hit the hot asphalt road, it happens when five guys named Aam (Vocal), Wahab (Bass), Bima (Guitar), Gading (Guitar) and Hanung (Drum) met and decided to form a band. Coming from Semarang, this band bring up a unique take on a classic genre and proclaim their music as minimalist rock. On 19 February 2017, Rubber Heat finally put out an EP after more than a year being together and it is something to celebrate. So, Thirty Two Records as their record label set out a launching party two months after, or today, 14 February 2017 to be exact called “Rubber Heat: Deep Party”. Their EP has been released on CD format in limited 100 copies and they also have hit the road to promote it on a joint tour with Sugar Bitter a while ago. If you’re wondering what their music sounds like, you could listen to a track they uploaded on Soundcloud called “Above The Hill”. The album tells about youth romance, starting from the bubbly feeling of love to the pain of broken heart.

It contains a catchy pop-rock arrangement and when being asked about their minimalist rock genre, they jokingly answer that it is a suitable genre to appeal to both genders. Macho enough for men, but also catchy for women to listen to. On the meaning of their album, ‘deep’ that they use means… deep, in a not-so-literal term. During the ‘Rubber Heat: Deep Party’ event, other bands from Semarang like Moiss, Glasstrick, Stepping Stone and Nomadik will also perform on stage. The gig is also held to coincide with Heals Spectrum Tour 2017 after the previous day the band from Bandung visited Yogyakarta. The event will take place at Rustico Kitchen & Bar and it’s free of charge. So if you happen to be the citizens of Semarang or is just dropping by when the gig happens, make sure you’re in for a festive Deep Party from Rubber Heat.Rubber Heat Deep Party