Lemonilo.com Startup E-Commerce Healthy LifestyleHealthy Life in One Click Away with Lemonilo.com, A Startup E-Commerce for Healthy Lifestyle

It is always a good thing when a friendship could turn into a commercially productive relationship, and that is the story behind Lemonilo.com. Shinta Nurfauzia, Johannes Ardiant and Ronald Wijaya met while they were continuing their education in United States. They were united with a purpose to offer a better and healthier lifestyle for Indonesian people when they returned. Seeing the rise of healthy lifestyle in Indonesia, and based on the survey by Jakarta Professional Health Index that stated 96% of people between 25-45 years old that values the importance in living a healthy life, became one of the reason for Lemonilo’s existence. It is further prompted with the fact that Indonesian people could not afford healthy food that is sold in supermarket since it is very expensive. Low fat, gluten-free, or high fiber products are generally more costly than the regular products. People behind Lemonilo think that if healthy food’s price is low, then it will increase the healthy lifestyle trend within Indonesian people.

Lemonilo.com Startup E-Commerce Healthy Lifestyle
Raw ingredients product on Lemonilo.com

Lemonilo.com, a startup that offers healthy & natural products at wholesale prices, is betting on this trend. After testing the water for the past six months, the lifestyle e-commerce has finally been launched. Within the span of 6 months, Lemonilo.com has gained thousands of loyal customers who buy a wide range of natural products from them repeatedly with most of the customers hailing from Java and Bali. “Lemonilo.com buys from brands directly. By cutting the middleman, we are able to offer items at lower price, around 20-50% cheaper than most supermarkets in Indonesia. Going forward, Lemonilo.com plans to expand to other categories as well,” said Shinta, one of Lemonilo’s co-founders. Different from other e-commerce in Indonesia, Lemonilo.com apply a rather strict rules and curation for the products that they sell. 70 ingredients are reportedly being prohibited on their site for they could harm the health of the customers. You could find raw ingredients, processed food, beverages, as well as catering for your healthy needs on the website.

Lemonilo.com Startup E-Commerce Healthy Lifestyle
The catering offer from Lemonilo.com

Business revenue is not only the main concern of this startup as the team emphasize on educating people of the importance of healthy lifestyle. “Lemonilo.com is not a mere online marketplace or e- commerce. We are in a mission to make healthy living more accessible and affordable for more Indonesians. Therefore, we have to take a further step to combine our online marketplace model with users’ education to raise awareness on the effects of products that we consume in daily basis. Both of these are keys in building a healthier Indonesia, and to ensure that the high quality products will be accessible not only by the upper classes alone,” explains the team behind Lemonilo. Besides giving a cheaper price on the products, Lemonilo.com also offer occasional flash sales, so you should stay tuned on their website or social media to obtain the exciting deals. It is one step easier to be healthy guys, with just one click away you could lead a better choice.

Lemonilo.com Startup E-Commerce Healthy Lifestyle
Package deal called Lemonilo Box