The Breakfast Club Silent Caravan SingleThe Breakfast Club Emphasize on the Pop on Britpop with “Silent Caravan”

The Breakfast Club, a band that was formed back in 2015 returned with their newest single titled “Silent Caravan”. Duo Britpop that are comprised of Mucho Karmuko on vocal and Bimo Soerjoputro on lead guitar have uploaded their new track on Soundcloud. The song has a strong 90’s indie/jangly pop influence that they said to resemble the likes of Ballads of The Cliché or Belle & Sebastian. The song emphasizes on the pop element on Britpop more than their older ones. Previously, the band has revealed three singles on their Soundcloud titled “Daisy”, “Distance”, and “My Humanoid From The Outer Space”. There is an interesting story behind this single, beforehand the song belongs to Mucho’s old band where he acted as the drummer. His old band deemed as ‘pre-Breakfast Club’ was comprised of Ichsan Permana (Vocal & Guitar), Aditya Dwi (Bass), Davano Raindika (Lead Guitar) and Mucho himself.

With the existing material, The Breakfast Club decided to do some new arrangements on the single. Coldiac’s members like Sambadha, Derry and Mahatamtama a.k.a Samid assisted the band to make a new version of “Silent Caravan”. They recorded the song at GZZ Records Malang, where Coldiac recording sessions are done. The rework resulted in a fresher version of “Silent Caravan” that we can all listen on their Soundcloud. As the band has reached their second year together, they plan to release a new EP called “Morning People” within this year. It will contain some of their existing tracks as well as the new ones. The Breakfast Club could be your alternative as a newcomer in indie’s music scene if you fond of the golden era of Britpop in the 90’s. Listen to “Silent Caravan” on the link below and keep in touch with the band’s latest updates on their Instagram.