Before I Fall Teenage Movie ReviewBefore I Fall, A Light Teenage Movie About Acceptance in Life

“What if today was the only day for the rest of your life?” is the tagline of the drama movie “Before I Fall”. Adapted from a young adult novel of the same name, “Before I Fall” captures the life of a teenager named Samantha Kingston who repeats the same day over and over again. The concept of the story is nothing new to Hollywood, as you could see the same plot on Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow (adapted from Japanese novel) or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The focus has now shifted on the story of a popular and rich highschool girl named Samantha that is played by Zoey Deutch. The film is opened by a poetic scene when she narrates about the life’s chance that could have belonged to her or anybody else. The plot then continues with typical Hollywood’s teenager portrayal of life which is filled with hanging around with your besties, enjoying Valentine’s Day with her beloved one, and planning an exciting activity with her boyfriend (we 100% believe that the average teenagers do not go through this).

Before I Fall Teenage Movie Review
Zoey Deutch as Samantha Kingston

Later on when she falls asleep that night, she finds out that the next day she wakes up to the same day as previous with almost identical activities happening everyday. It happen again and again on the following days of Samantha’s life. The strange thing is, it only happens to her, without her friends or boyfriend realizing that the day has been reset. She uses the opportunity to rewind her past and fix her mistakes as she is known as the queen bee of her gang. She also does something different everyday to see the change in her surroundings and starts to believe that she needs to do some self improvement. The unfortunate event made her learn about life’s choices and the importance of accepting what she has at the moment. Directed by Ry-Russo Young, “Before I Fall” is a light teenage story that might be enjoyed by some people within that particular age range. Its concept is old and rehashed, but it might teach you a thing or two about deeper value in human’s life.

Before I Fall Teenage Movie ReviewReviewer: Novi Hanabi/Editor: Novita Widia