Pijar Reveal New Single TropisPijar Reveal A Catchy New Single Titled “Tropis”

On February last year, Pijar set a remarkable debut with their album “Exposure”. Yesterday, the band comprised of Alfredo Jakjek (vocal & guitar), Ican (guitar), Aul (drum) and Lizam (bass) launched a new single titled “Tropis” on a release party along with Bedchamber, The Boris Suit and Circarama as the openers. Later that night, the single has been available to be downloaded and streamed on a host of digital streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and many more. In this single, Pijar plays a fast paced drum that we realize becomes their expertise. On top of that, a layer of repetitive melodic guitar forms the core part of the song. Towards the one minute mark a.k.a the chorus, the pace changes into something less melodious but equally catchy. Then Jakjek showcases his set of falsetto that we really love from this song. “Tropis” is an easily digested indie pop song without much complicated underlying meaning behind it. The listeners’ minds are set free and wild while listening to this song. It grabs you by the ears, then relaxes your tense muscles, and without realizing why, your bodies will start moving to its rhythm.

As stated by the band that started their journey in Medan, “Tropis” tells about the hectic routine that everyone goes through in their daily life. Such intense workload and pressure sometimes make people forget how to have fun. Through this single, Pijar remind you to escape a little bit from your schedule and have a little fun on the go. An accompanying lyrics video directed by Alfredo Jakjek was also uploaded onto their Youtube channel. It shows the four of them sitting on an old bench while joking around and enjoy the tropical sun of Jakarta. “Tropis” was released under a new record label called ORCA Music Club after they were previously signed with another label named Etalase Records. Listen to “Tropis”, put on your coolest sunglasses, and remember to have fun!

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