Spasial Session 05 Milkbox Showcase by BarefoodNorrm and Spasial Present Milkbox Showcase by Barefood in Bandung

Barefood has become the talk of the town (or the country) after they revealed their much anticipated and acclaimed album in 2017 titled “Milkbox” via Anoa Records. On April 15th, the band hailing from Jakarta will visit Bandung in a special showcase in conjunction with Norrm and Spasial’s collaboration event “Spasial Session”. Spasial Session is an intimate music performance that blur the boundaries between the performers and the audience. This marks their 5th edition of the music session. On previous celebrations, Spasial Session has invited Christabel Annora, Mustache and Beard, Alvin and I, Kolibri Records’ rosters, Oscar Lolang and many more. The event will take place at Spasial, Jl. Gudang Selatan No.22 Bandung.

Barfeood has held their album launching showcase in their hometown on 18 March 2017 with Gascoigne and Sorra at Borneo Beerhouse Kemang. Their iconic album cover of “Milkbox” in which it shows a girl drinking a carton of milk, draws inspiration for some of their fans to follow the pose and re-enact it in their own way. We could say that the alternative rock band has managed to create a buzz with not only their excellent music, but also a unique way to get closer with their listeners. With their first full-length album, it will be exciting to see what Barefood has in store. Spasial Session 05 will welcome indie pop unit from Jakarta, Secret Meadow to their first visit to the Paris of Java as well. In short, this edition will have an all Jakarta line up as there will be other two bands, Wreck and Sunny Summer Day. You could buy the ticket for IDR35,000 at Omuunium, Bandung and we suggest you to bring some extra cash as a special merchandise with the special “Milkbox” illustration from Amenkcoy will be sold at the venue.