Saints & Vixens Viva La Moralidad! EPAlt-pop Band from Jakarta, Saints & Vixens Reveal Debut EP “Viva La Moralidad!”

Saints & Vixens are a newborn band on the indie music scene, but the members are no new faces. Comprised of Wiku Anindito (vocal, guitar), M. Ali Pasha (guitar), Izqie Fidian (vocal), Rama Hiswara (drum), and Ricky Putra (bass), the band was created from the idea of Wiku. As stated on their blog, Wiku who is a copyright lawyer suddenly had an idea to form a band after discovering his old journal which is filled with lyrics and barely finished songs from four years ago. He then asked his office mate and fellow musician turned lawyer, M. Ali Pasha to join him. His old bandmates, Rama and Izqie who are still active in music are on board as well. Ricky Putra as the last added member makes the formation more complete and Saints & Vixens’ ship is sailing. Izqie has been known as a backup singer for some local acts in the industry, while Rama is in charge of arranging the drum set for musicians like RAN, Isyana Sarasvati and Paul Latumahina. Ricky is also known as the guitarist for punk rock unit called Zigi Zaga.

The dynamic chemistry between these members resulted in an EP called “Viva La Moralidad!” which roughly translates to Long Live Morality. For this mini album, Wiku got assisted by his writing buddy and bestfriend, Dinda Citrini to make some changes in the lyrics department. It contains three songs in total, there are “Closure”, the first lead single from the album, as well as “Stars Are Brighter When You’re Around” and “No One Will Talk About Us, No One Will Owe Us Anything”. The three songs have different appeal, for example “Closure” is an acoustic guitar driven number with harmonica that leads us to think that it tends toward a folk-pop song. While the other two infuse some rock elements to the tunes. Wiku utters, “I hope that I can tell you guys how unique we are or how different we sound, but I just can’t. This project is aimed to stroll down memory lane and bring back some familiar tunes from our high school/college days.” Guess if you love what Saints & Vixens do, you can buy their EP on iTunes or stream it through Spotify. This EP only has digital release for the mean time.