Crimson Diary Tour April 2017Crimson Diary Hit The Road Once Again For Another Round of Tour at Bandung, Jakarta and Purwokerto

Ain’t no rest for the wicked and definitely ain’t no rest for the alternative rock band from Malang, Crimson Diary. The band who have just wrapped up their first leg of tour back in December 2016, is reportedly going on for their second one in a series titled “Diary Tour April 2017”. The first tour to promote their newest album “Crimson Diary (Diary of Crimson)” took place at some cities in East and Central Java. This time around, they take it a little further reaching four spots in three different cities. Those cities that Crimson Diary are going to visit are Purwokerto, Bandung and Jakarta. They have just recently finished their schedule in Bandung with gigs dated in 2 and 4 April 2017. Today, the band are going to grace the legendary stage of Thursday Noise in its 10th edition. Lastly, the tour will end at Purwokerto on the next day on 7 April 2017.

Crimson Diary Tour April 2017Their participation on Thursday Noise #10 could be said as a chance for them to introduce their music to a bigger audience. The regular gig is famous for giving the stage for underrated sound in an intimate and ‘chaotic’ kind of atmosphere. Crimson Diary are planned to perform at Lost & Found Gastrobar along with Morfem, Sajama Cut, Monkey to Millionaire, Barefood and Billy The Klits. Two singles have been launched from their new album and they are “Freja” and “Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk”. Both songs showcase Crimson Diary’s take on a very personal journey and experience. Bill Walesa Natalendra (vokal & gitar), Muklis Huda (gitar), Agung ‘Bampho’ (bass), and Dyan (drum) are currently active on promoting their singles and latest album by performing on live gigs and touring. If you happen to be on the city during their stop, make sure you watch these guys perform!