Helmproyek Kanibal KapitalisHelmproyek Sign Under Orange Cliff Records and Return with New Single “Kanibal Kapitalis”

They have experienced the ups and downs in music industry within their 20 years of experience, and following their ultimate return this year, Helmproyek unveil a new single titled “Kanibal Kapitalis”. The industrial rock band from Bandung have regained the spirit of making new music after the passing of their vocalist back in 2003. The drums hit from the beginning of the song and kicks it off in a such high spirited tone. Right then, the distorted and processed vocal comes in along with the strum of electric guitar. Together, “Kanibal Kapitalis” embodies what Helmproyek’s music sounds like. As the song progresses, the instruments grow harsher and noisier with a slight change in pace on 2 minutes and 15 seconds mark. The underlying melodies are set by the repetitive guitar and for an industrial rock/metal track, it is pretty catchy. There is a little addition of synths towards the end that closes the track in a loose momentum. To be honest, we hope for a more banging track from Helmproyek and our wish will be granted as they have announced for an upcoming EP this April.

Lyrically, “Kanibal Kapitalis” contains sarcasm and a direct jab towards this country’s political and social state. As written on the description, it is a protest that is written in Bahasa Indonesia which was situated in the era of New Order regime in the 90’s. As a band who used to be so vocal to voice out injustice, and was oppressed due to their sound and arrangement, Helmproyek said that this song might be still relevant in the current era. Nonetheless, Adhit (bass), Vira (guitar, formerly on 180°), Indra (synth, formerly on Souldelay), and Thomi (vocal) are here to stay with their upcoming EP titled “Premature”. It is reportedly to be released on digital format, as well as on cassette tapes in collaboration with +KROW+ Records and Neverstop Records. For a longtime fan of this band, rejoice, because the album will be filled with the remastered version of their old singles as well as Helmproyek’s new songs. It will lead to another full album release from the band that is planned to be unveiled within this year. Listen to “Kanibal Kapitalis” with its motion graphic lyrics video below.

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