11th National Folklore FestivalThe 11th National Folklore Festival Has Successfully Been Held with A Thrilling Competition of Traditional Choir and Dance

Move over modern dance and choir, because the 11th National Folklore Festival has proved that traditional ones are here to stay. The folks at Economic and Business Faculty of Universitas Indonesia has successfully held the celebration of ethnic and traditional festival for its 11th edition. The annual event aims to keep the tradition of Indonesia alive in the midst of the cultural invasion in the era of globalization. The three day event that was held on 13, 14, and 16 March 2017 Auditorium R.Soeria Atmadja at Universitas Indonesia consists of competition for traditional dance and choir for high school students, college students, and general public who are enrolled in a performance studio. This year’s theme was “Danadyaksa Nusantara” which is a Sanskrit word for “The Guardian of Nusantara’s Treasure”. Cahyo Kumara, the project officer for the 11th National Folklore Festival remarked, “The 11th NFF has taught me a lot of things, from being a leader, having a new family, being together and many more. I did not only witness the performance from traditional choir and dance from all over Indonesia, but also had the chance to get acquainted with them, the art performers from this country. I hope that this edition of NFF would not only be about the competition, but they could also acquired the value that makes them want to keep preserving our culture.”

11th National Folklore FestivalThe enthusiasm from participants was all time high, proven with the increasing number of the participants who joined the competition. Although one of the judge, Djoko Suko Sadono stated that the quality from the performers were declining, the overall concept and execution of the event went well and even better than last year. From the traditional choir section, Fabovassa Youth Choir achieved victory from Category A Choir. They used the opportunity to thank the committee, judges, and also the supporters so they were able to win the competition. National Folklore Festival is like an oasis in the middle of millennial’s desire to do modern culture. With this event, Indonesia’s traditional culture earns its stage it deserves, and many youth will get the chance to show that our country has been blessed with such rich heritage.