Blibli Fun Festival 2017Blibli Fun Festival : Music, Art, and Market Festival for Family, Starring Renown Musicians Goldroom, RAC, Panama, Blonde, Dipha Barus, Maliq & D’essentials and many more!

Blibli is more than a regular e-commerce portal in which you can buy your necessities. The brand has prepared a two-day festival named Blibli Fun Festival (BFF) 2017 to let the customers feel the experience of music concert, artwork exhibition and shopping experience in one place at Ecopark Ancol Jakarta on 8 – 9 April 2017. The event aims to introduce e-commerce to the society, and give a room of appreciation for youth’s creative movement. Local and international musicians are ready to delight your ears and spice up your festival experience and there are Maliq & D’Essentials, Naif, Kahitna, Rendy Pandugo, Sore, White Shoes & The Couples Company, RBA, Danilla, Osvaldo, Deaf People Project by Andin Komalla, Naura, Endah N Rhesa, Teza Sumendra, and Dipha Barus. Meanwhile RAC, Goldroom, Panama, and Blonde are the international musicians that will grace the stage of Blibli Fun Festival 2017. Different than the usual music festival, Blibli target families as the segment for this celebration which means it will be kids friendly and you can take your friends and relatives to enjoy it.

Blibli Fun Festival 2017
Maliq & D’essentials

Besides, there will be some surprises presented during Blibli Fun Festival 2017. One of them is coming from Maliq & D’essentials who said during a press conference, that they would perform their newest single on stage. Angga as the vocalist spilled the news, “Maliq & D’essentials will release our new album, 7th album to be exact, on May. The visitors of BFF would be the first listeners of our new song.” They also shared that they will be collaborating with other two performers whose songs are included in the compilation “Pop Hari Ini” which is exclusively sold at Other than music, Blibli also guarantee that the artwork exhibition and market would satisfy your holiday needs. Blibli Fun Festival takes an outdoor concept which will entice the urban dwellers who rarely have outdoor activities. Kusumo Martanto, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of says, “BFF 2017 is hoped to give  new atmosphere because we do not only have the chance to feel the togetherness in a festival ambience, but also to directly witness the creative creation from local talents that  generate admiration from local and abroad.”

There will be art collaboration from Hari Prast feat. Sheila Roswitha, and the former artist was known to illustrate the campaign for President Jokowi. Diela Maharani, Kiswinar, The Jadugar and Kemala Putri will also bring their talents on board, to give a joyful experience for your visual and beyond. The entrepreneurs or brands who won The Big Start Indonesia 2016 like Peek.Me (Arlin Chondro), Pijakbumi (Rowland Asfales) and Gauri Art Division (Dhamar Perbangkara) are also invited to introduce their startup during the event and it will be a huge chance for them to make their breakthroughs. The tickets for Blibli Fun Festival 2017 has been up on sale with the daily pass ticket is sold at IDR199.000 and two day pass at IDR299.000 for adult. While the ticket for children is sold at IDR79.000 for two day pass. Head to to get more information about the ticket and the programs available at the festival and search through hashtag #BlibliSekarang on social media to get a chance for free tickets!