Whitenoir Help Me Sleep Lyrics VideoInsomnia No More, Becasue Whitenoir Return with “Help Me Sleep” Lyrics Video

The post-grunge act from Pop Flesh Records, Whitenoir return with their newest single “Help Me Sleep” in a form of a lyrics video. Whitenoir collaborate with videographer Shafira Ninditya who filmed the life in Tokyo as the background for this video. Their debut single “Sub-District” was previously shared in an audio format through Pop Flesh Records’ Soundcloud account. “Help Me Sleep in the lyrics video format has a purpose to not make the listeners bored after checking out our latest single, since our previous one was released in an audio format only and the video shooting which took place in Japan has been planned all along because it has the same theme as our forthcoming EP’s cover,” explains Ekki, Whitenoir’s vocalist.

The song tells about a longing of a figure who has helped someone to be his better self. In a sense, the lyrics contain optimism but also anxiety and worries that they would not be the same again if this particular person decides to leave them. It opens with guitar strum which is very grunge like, and if in the previous single the vocal sounds mild, you would hear Ekki’s skramz again nearing the end of this track. The video portrays the gloomy and busy days in Tokyo as we are taken to the streets, trains, and buildings over a cloudy or rainy weather. Their debut EP “Feed Me” will be released very soon and it is also a sign that the band will be active this year. They also plan to reveal their full-length debut album within the same year. “Help Me Sleep” has been released digitally on their Bandcamp and you can pre-order their EP here. Watch the lyrics video of “Help Me Sleep” and sing along to this tune.