Parade Film Malang 2017Celebrate March with Parade Film Malang, A Series of Events for Moviegoers in Malang

A great nation remembers its history, and back on 30 March 1950, the first ever Indonesian movie “Doa dan Darah” started their shooting. The date now has been established as National Film Day in Indonesia and March is picked as the National Film Month. Malang also celebrates the National Film Month with a series of events called Parade Film Malang. They plan to do film screenings from one place to another and also a grand scale final film screening at Malang’s city Main Square (Alun-Alun Kota Malang). The event is created to appreciate our film industry’s movement whether in the independent scene or the mainstream one. It’s not only an appreciation, but also a movement to better introduce Indonesia’s movies to the mass audience. There’s an old stigma in our society which believes that Indonesian movie is not equal to the foreign ones, especially Hollywood. Well, it is time to turn it all around and prove that we can and will present the best creations from our local filmmakers.

Parade Film Malang 2017
Film Screening at HoutenHand during PFm 2016

This year marks the second year that the committee held the celebration and they promise a richer and more various contents for the audience to learn and enjoy. Parade Film Malang will do several screenings in public places like coffee shops, residents, and many others. Then, it will be followed with a short discussion at the end of the screenings, with film critic, enthusiast or even the crew behind the lens themselves. There will also be workshops that will visit several junior high schools and high schools in Malang City, Malang District and Batu City as well. Last year’s event also included performance art like theater, music performances and other branches of art. They also collaborated with local artists by bearing the spirit of national film intact, so the essence of the National Film Month still appeared on Parade Film Malang.

Parade Film Malang 2017
Coaching Clinic Documentary Film at Kebonagung during PFM 2016

In 2017, Parade Film Malang collaborate with various communities. There are Lelakon, Gambaroba, Forum Animasi Malang (FAM), Lensa Mata, Mata-Mata Projek, Kineklub UMM, Nol Derajat, Societo Sineklub, AKBER, Kopi Manis UB, BloggerNgalam, Teater Ruang Karakter, Wlingiwood, and also Pelangi Sastra. Besides the aforementioned activitites, PFM also promise a music show which performs Indonesian films’ soundtracks. Hopefully, this year’s celebration will be bigger, better and much more fun. You could follow all the latest updates and schedule from Parade Film Malang on Instagram here.