Harrissimo Pizzeria Malang
Costolette di Agnello A La Grigilia
Italian Fine Dining Experience at Harrissimo Pizzeria Malang

Malang is a city with lots of culinary experience which is worth to try. Unfortunately, Malang’s take on European authentic dishes usually falls short as we have a high expectation for top notch ingredients, spices, and taste that suit our palate. Harrissimo Pizzeria by Harris Hotel & Conventions Malang aim to bring an authentic Italian taste for the citizens in Malang city and they revealed a slew of new menu that they have been cooking up in their kitchen. The concept that they offer at Harrissimo is an Italian fine dining that include three course meals. They also introduce two brand new kinds of pizza that will pique your curiosity to taste them. From the appetizer selection, there are two choices of salad, and two kinds of soup. They are called Caprese Insalate, Antipasto Degli Sposi, Mediterranean Seafood Soup and Creamy Potato Soup. For the main courses, there are Pollo Ripieno, Salmone Arrostito con Pomodoro, Costolette di Agnello A La Grigilia, and Beef Medallion. The dessert option including Tiramisu, Apple Pie, HARRIS Apple Strudel and Panna Cotta. There are two kinds of fusion pizza as well, which are Rendang Pizza and Kung Pao Chicken Pizza.

Harrissimo Pizzeria Malang
Beef Medallion

Before the tasting, the two chefs explained how they came up with the dishes as well as what’s the ingredients in it and how they cooked them. Afterwards, the tasting began and we tried to have a little taste of each dish. Caprese Insalate is a dish that consist of Bococcini Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Different from the regular mozzarella cheese, Bococcini tasted rather plain, but once you combine all the component altogether in the salad, it became a refreshing dish that whet the appetite. Antipasto Degli Sposi is a salad that consists of grilled vegetables and grilled seafood. There are prawn, squid, scallop and fish combined with grilled zucchini, mushroom, beet root, olive, tomatoes and mandarin orange. It came in a small portion in a beautiful plating and it tasted tangy, while the seafood was lightly seasoned. The Mediterranean Seafood Soup was bright red and we could clearly tell the strong tomato taste from the appearance. The basil and oregano taste also presented in the dish, making the Italian taste became richer. The last one is Creamy Potato Soup which looked like a mash potato but less dense and it comes with chopped leeks and fried onion. It tasted a little salty, but perfect when you dipped the garlic bread into it.

Harrissimo Pizzeria Malang
Salmone Arrostito con Pomodoro

We were then moving on to the main courses and the grilled rack of lamb called Costolette di Agnello A La Grigilia caught our attention. The chef explained that they cooked it in three ways, first he pan seared the meat until the fat melted, then it was charred to give it the distinctive grilled marks, and lastly it was baked in the oven until it was perfect. They also added a herb crust on the outside of the lamb and it created a crispy texture to the dish. The lamb was tender and the herd was strong enough to cover the strong taste from the lamb. Then, Salmone Arrostito con Pomodoro is slow roasted salmon with creamy dill sauce poured over it. It was the first dish that disappeared from the plate, so you can imagine how good it tastes. The Pollo Ripieno is a chicken dish in which the chicken is wrapped with smoked beef with melting cheese inside. It was then baked until it’s cooked and served with mushroom ragout and potato. It tasted like Cordon Bleu, but it’s baked instead of deep fried, it’s somehow healthier? The Beef Medallions is beef tenderloin wrapped in beef bacon which is served with mushroom sauce and a side of creamy fettucine and it was a very filling main course.

Harrissimo Pizzeria Malang
Kung Pao Chicken Pizza

Anyway, we tried their fusion pizza as well and the Rendang Pizza had authentic rendang meat, combined with cheese over a thin crust pizza baked in a wood oven. It was best when you eat it while it’s hot, it’d be even better if they put rendang sauce as the dressing. The Kung Pao Chicken Pizza has cashew nuts on it, but the cheese kind of overpowered the chicken taste but it was pretty nice that they come up with ideas to put Eastern and Western combination in a form of pizza. It was time for dessert and the jiggly Panna Cotta had called us to eat it. Compared to other Panna Cotta that we have tried in other places in Malang, this got to be one of the best. It was creamy and had the perfect Panna Cotta texture which is not too firm yet still retain its shape. The sourness and sweetness from strawberry balanced the composition in this dish. The Apple Pie was not too sour and the cinnamon flavor was not too overpowering, the pie crust could be baked a little longer though. Their Tiramisu tasted great with the perfect combination of espresso, mascarpone, and cocoa powder. Overall, the Italian fine dining experience at Harrissimo Pizzeria at Harris Hotel & Conventions was really nice. The dishes were authentically Italian since an Italian chef cooked them and it also comes with pretty reasonable price. We’d recommend you to try Harrissimo Pizzeria!

Harrissimo Pizzeria Malang
Panna Cotta

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Location: HARRIS Hotel & Convention Malang, Jl. A Yani Utara Riverside Blok C No.1, Polowijen, Blimbing, Malang


Harrissimo Pizzeria by Harris Hotel & Conventions Malang

Appetizer Price Range : IDR35K – 65K

Soup Price Range : IDR45K – 50K

Chicken Dish Price Range : IDR100K

Fish Dish Price Range : IDR95K – 150K

Pizza Price Range : IDR90K – 110K

Lamb Price Range : IDR165K – 185K

Beef Price Range : IDR140K – 185K

Dessert Price Range : IDR40K – 58K