Indische Party Khilaf Single
Credit: Joen Ginting
Indische Party Go Monochromatic with The Visual for New Single “Khilaf”

Indische Party have released their sophomore album, “ANALOG” at the end of 2016. Their first single “Serigala” received warm welcome as it is a fast paced number that has thick surf rock influence in it. Fast forward to 2017, the band made up of Japs Shadiq (vocal/harmonica), Kubil (guitar), Jacobus (bass), and Tika (drum) revealed their second single off the album and it’s “Khilaf”. The track number 8 from the album showcases different charm than the first one. It emphasizes more on the pop side of Indische Party and will remind you with the likes of Naif or Koes Plus. Japs Shadiq, Indische Party’s frontman elaborates, “Khilaf is one of the ballad numbers from Indische Party that is simple, and contains provoking lyrics and tells about a wicked love story. Through this song, we want to convey a message that Indische Party aren’t always about 60’s rock music, but (we) also have pop and another genre.”

Indische Party Khilaf SingleTo coincide with the second single release, they also reveal the music video for “Khilaf” today. It marks the first song from the album that has been turned into a music video. Directed by Japs Shadiq himself, with the help of Hendrick Ben Matulessy as the Director of Photography, black and white becomes the choice of color tone for “Khilaf” music video. It displays Indische Party playing their set on a dim studio with small light bulbs. It also chronicles the band’s live performance on a private TV station, their journey on a train as well as their hangout in a pub that we identify as The Jaya Pub. Japs Shadiq becomes the main talent as he can be seen strolling around the empty night of Jakarta while reminiscing his mischievous love life. Tika and Jacobus become the backing vocals in this song as well. The album “ANALOG” or single “Khilaf” are available to be streamed through several digital outlets that is released under Demajors Records. Watch their monochromatic music video of “Khilaf” below. Can “ingin Dekatmu” become their third single? We’ll see….