Brilliant Company Callous Response
Rizki Asasi, the man behind Brilliant Company
Brilliant Company Shares Debut Single “Callous Response”

It seems like post-rock is the new it genre in Bandung’s indie music scene. One act after another springs up bringing their own take of the genre and the latest one is named Brilliant Company. The band is the solo project of a guy named Rizki Asasi. Having faced the harsh and rather monotonous life routine of a college student, he wanted to begin a project to transfer his negative emotion into positive one in the beginning of 2016. With the existing music instrumentals that were available in his bedroom, he started to write his own composition and post-rock became the genre of his choice. Brilliant Company as the stage name aims to offer a great consort for the listeners. On 22 February 2017, he revealed his debut single called “Callous Response” via Mundane Records’ Youtube channel. It was first introduced back in April 2016, but the new release is a sign that he will begin to introduce his music one by one before launching his debut album in 2017.

Brilliant Company Callous ResponseThe song starts off with calming melodies that almost sound lullaby-like. Then when it hit 1:03 mark the twinkling guitar sound comes in with the companion of drums that reminds us once again that it’s an instrumental single. For us it’s considered a light post-rock composition. Nothing’s too heavy or complex, two characteristics that we often find in post-rock music and it also only lasts for 3:55 minutes. The single’s artwork was created by Aprilea S. Ariadi and Brilliant Company plan to release his forthcoming album via Mundane Records, a relatively new record label based in Jakarta. The record label have launched their first project which was Hira’s digital album called Solitude EP. Rizki Asasi is now currently still completing his studies in a state university in Bandung while finishing the album at the same time. Listen to his debut single with Brilliant Company on “Callous Response” below.