Mondo Gascaro RAJAKELANA Japanese Release
RAJAKELANA Japan Edition Album Sleeve
Mondo Gascaro Launches RAJAKELANA in Japan and Reveals “Naked” Music Video

RAJAKELANA by Mondo Gascaro is one of our most favorite album from 2016 and this year he aims to release the masterpiece in Japan. On 22 February, RAJAKELANA in CD format has officially been released and distributed in Japan. Prior to the the Japanese release, Mondo also unveiled a music video for the second single “Naked” on 21 February 2017. The video which was directed by Omarannas chronicles Mondo Gascaro’s journey in the beginning of 2016 when he traveled to several regions in East Java. Labeled as “A Tropical Trip”, we could see him strolling around the sandy beach with his ukulele while our ears are teased with the delightful melodies of “Naked”. A lyrics video companion was also released so you could sing along to the breezy tunes. Upon watching the video, which is set in a gorgeous vintage tone, we believe that Mondo is truly a master of atmosphere. Is it possible for us to join your next tropical trip, Sir?

Furthermore, a Japanese record label Production Dessinee once again work with Ivy League Music (Mondo Gascaro’s record label) and they are in charge of recording and distributing the Japanese version of RAJAKELANA. Since its release, his album will be available to purchase through Japan’s biggest record store chains like Tower Records, Disk Dessinee, Disc Union and many more. The Japanese edition is special since Mondo’s two previous singles are also included in it. There are “Komorebi” and “Saturday Light” which used to be released in 7 inch vinyl format. We wish Mondo Gascaro a ton of luck for the Japanese release of RAJAKELANA album and you could watch “Naked” music video below. Hopefully he also releases other songs from the album as a single, since it would be a waste if they are left untouched!