Glaskaca Staedig EPGlaskaca Want You to Sing Along to “Staedig” with A Lyrics Video

Alternative rock unit from Jakarta, Glaskaca have released their debut EP a while back titled “Stædig”. There are five songs in total in the album, but the band comprised of Dias Widjajanto (Vocals, Guitar), Moses P. Mahitala (Guitar, Programming), Rayhan Noor (Guitar, Synth, Keyboard), Aldi Nugroho (Drums) and Fahmi Darussalam (Bass) decided to pick “Stædig” as their lead single. The reason behind this choice is the song could represent the musical transformation that Glaskaca have been through as a a band. If you listen to the song closely, the song’s chords or progression bears a little similarity with “The Numbers” by Radiohead. While “Stædig” is a Danish word that means stubborn, by watching the video, the song tells you about life’s struggle and how it’s a never ending circle. Glaskaca also insert positive message for not giving up on life through this song.

Besides featuring the lyrics of the song as the main attraction of the video, it also shows some footage from Glaskaca’s personal documentation. Kemal Syahrianda is the director for the lyrics video and we could see Glaskaca performed in a gig that we identify as Lalala Fest and the video also shows their silly and goofy interaction among themselves. Their album “Stædig” is available to be streamed on several digital streaming services while the physical release of it has been unfortunately sold out. You could follow them on their social media to get the latest news about their restock CDs and also watch the lyrics video for “Stædig” below and sing along to their tunes…

“Stædig” Tracklist

  1. The Quest
  2. Message
  3. Machine
  4. Stædig
  5. Ashes