Monita Tahalea Cita Cita Music VideoMonita Tahalea is A Classic 60’s Beauty on “Cita Cita” Music Video

The album “Aransemen Ulang Lagu Orisinil Dari Film Tiga Dara” has been released last year in conjunction with the restoration of the Indonesia’s classic black and white movie “Tiga Dara”. The album which was initiated by SA Films and Demajors Independent Music Industry (DIMI) Records boasts covers and arrangements from renown musicians and singers in Indonesia. They brought a new take on the classic records without eliminating its overall vintage feels. The latest single that got promoted from the album is “Cita-Cita” that was sung by soloist, Monita Tahalea. Indra Perkasa was appointed to arrange this song which was performed in the original musical of “Tiga Dara”. He along with Gadgadasvara Ensemble created a different atmosphere for the song which was composed by Saiful Bahri. Initially Indra already had Monita Tahalea in mind to fill in the vocal for the remake song. Fortunately, his wish was granted and these talented musicians worked together for this project.

“Monita’s distinctive vocal matches the “floating” vocal style. In this song I imagine the mood to be like Wong Kar Wai’s movie In The Mood For Love or Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands”, explains Indra about the remake. If previous two singles from this album, “Tiga Dara” and “Letnan Hardy” have thick jazz arrangement, this time vocal and string section are put forward. Monita admits that it was difficult to interpret the arranged composition, and she had to listen to the record over and over again before doing the vocal take. After all, we think that the songstress nailed it perfectly and Indra brings a ‘grande’ feel to the song. A music video has just arrived on Demajors’ Youtube account and it sees Monita in a 50’s make up and hairdo while dressed in traditional kebaya in hot pink and pale white colors. In the visual, there is a compilation from the original scenes of “Tiga Dara” with Monita’s scenes in which she has to sit on a sofa, while staring at one point far far away to reenact a longing look. Furthermore, Monita adds her wish that this song would be an everlasting treasure to the listeners. Well, we do hope so! Watch the music video from Monita Tahalea performing “Cita-Cita” below.