Lenttera Bualan SingleGet Ready to Be Swayed By Debut Single of Lenttera Titled “Bualan”

For this edition of Music Wednesday, we pick a new single from a newcomer in Malang’s indie music scene called Lenttera. They have just revealed a song called “Bualan” on 18 February 2017, and we give it a thorough listen afterwards. It is a slow tempo song that showcases the vocal and it has prominent swing rhythm. With this single, Lenttera insist to introduce their band as a pop unit, so we might get something different in the future. However, judging solely by this single, it is too simple to categorize their music as pop. Their knack in making sad and swaying melodies really match the emotion of the song. “Bualan” which tells about a failure of a love story, takes a point of view from a woman who’s had enough with her lover’s bullshit. What we really love about it is she actually sings like she confronts her lover while at the same time being sad over the lies. The singing style brings much dynamics to the song which could fall short if it’s left plain. The only minor thing about “Bualan” is a little tempo mismatch around 1.30 mark, where the singer struggles to match the music. We don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but it bothers us a little bit while we’re listening to it.

Lenttera Bualan SingleLenttera which are formed by Deby Sasongko (vocal, guitar), Dinda Maulina (vocal), and Baju Aji (bass) started their career as a band in February 2016 and this year they plan to reveal their debut album. The single “Bualan” was just recently wrapped up earlier this month and it was recorded at Vamos Studio, Malang. Debi and Bayu were in charge of writing the lyrics and it is based on the experience of Dinda’s bitter love story. For the drum, Faruq from Rotan & Kayu assisted them and Brillian Satria filled in the keyboard section. The single has been released through digital streaming outlets like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, and many more through Spires Publisher from Malang. Hopefully their music will light up your day, just like their name meant to be. Listen to the sentimental and swaying mood of “Bualan” below.