Young Savages Highway HighYoung Savages Go Britpop with New Single “Highway High”

After revealing 5 new live acoustic songs a while ago, indie rock unit from Malang, Young Savages have officially released a single called “Highway High” through their Souncloud account. The band which are comprised of Adin, Bintang, Adrhian, Tiara, Nanda Gupar, and Raditya Putra keep their distinctive indie rock sound with the new tunes. This also marks the concluding of their debut album recording, that is planned to be released soon sometime this year. When asked what is the meaning behind the song, Adin explains, ” This song is an encouragement for our friends to always be optimistic with everything they do without thinking about the result first, because the most important thing is that we have tried and made an attempt.”

Being millennial kids who grew up during the 90’s and face adulthood in the 00’s affect the music choices from Young Savages, in particular while choosing this song as their first single from forthcoming album. “The music in “Highway High” describes our current situation when we have to make our life’s choices, the song’s arrangement sounds like teenagers who always want to have fun but have to face life’s which is serious,” they continue. The track is thick with Britpop influences and the guitar and the uplifting drum paired with the flamboyant vocal style from Young Savages remind us with the sound of 90’s British band. It is an indie rock flair that sounds familiar yet new. The only thing that slightly bothers us might be the pronunciation of the word ‘Highway’ which could be a killjoy, since it’s part of the chorus. But then, it’s a “let’s have fun, fuck everything” kinda song, you might let it slip.

Young Savages Highway HighYoung Savages’ upcoming album will be titled “2000’s Kids” and will be released through a record label based in Malang. They consistently stay within the indie rock lane in this album, while at the same time making serious music without forgetting how to have fun. Listen to “Highway High” below.