Antiphaty 20th Anniversary Concert
Pic by: Rifky Edgar
Punk Veteran, Antiphaty, Celebrate 20th Anniversary with a Concert and Album Reissue

20 years is not a short time for a band’s career and thankfully, punk legend from Malang, Antiphaty are still going strong. In February 2017, the group are into their 20th year of career and they want to prove their existence by holding a special activities for their beloved fans in the form of a concert and album reissue. The band started their career in 1997 with an initiative from No Man’s Land’s frontmen, Catur Guritno and Feri. They went through several member changes since then and now Antiphaty consist of Catur Guritno (vocal), Antok Celz (bass), Yoyok (guitar), and Angga (drum). In the span of 20 years, they have recorded four full albums, with several split tapes with other bands. They also have performed in many stages, even went as far as Malaysia and Singapore in 2016.

These past few weeks, they were busy preparing a special commemorative concert for their 20th anniversary that will take place at Godbless Cafe in Malang on 18 February 2017. They promise to perform their songs from their discography and tease a collaboration with musicians that they have not revealed yet. Antiphaty invited their comrades to perform on their stage which are No Man’s Land, Extreme Decay, Rottenomicon, Neurosesick, and PukulRata from Malang as well as Error X from Jakarta and Reject from Bali. Besides this concert, they will reissue one of their album which is called “Undercontrol” in cassette tapes format. Merchandises with special artworks in collaboration with MLG Extremerch and Snrgnation Rockiller will also be available there for you to purchase. A few days ago, the band have introduced a new music video for their single titled “Anti Punk Fuck Off” which is an anthem for all punk rockers out there who are often discriminated and overlooked by the society.

Antiphaty 20th Anniversary ConcertIf you happen to be able to go to their concert today, you might also be recorded for their special documentary film that chronicles their whole career from the start until their 20th anniversary concert. It will feature footage from Antipathy’s gigs which are currently produced by Gaharu Jabal and Dedi Widianto from collective iheartgigs. Hopefully, Antiphaty would last for another 20 years or more!