KunoKini The Power of Cah Ayu Remix AlbumKunoKini Launch Remix Mini Album Titled “The Power of Cah Ayu”

KunoKini is an ensemble group who utilize Indonesian traditional music instrument as their forte and they have been around from 2014. “Cah Ayu” is the term often used by those of the Javanese descent for calling their beloved daughters. KunoKini chose the diction rather than using ‘wanita’ or ‘perempuan’ and the term is also open to any interpretation. The band comprised of Bhismo, Bebi, and Fikridzul appreciate the figure of “Cah Ayu” in their song called “HeyBeb!!”. Bhismo utters, “Without gender tendency, for us Cah Ayu gives so much inspiration. Even our previous single was dedicated for them.” During Valentine’s Day of 2017, KunoKini reveal a remix album titled “The Power of Cah Ayu” filled with 6 remixed tracks of “HeyBeb!!”. The song gets reinterpretation from musicians, producers who also collaborate with visual artist for presenting a new audio and visual for the single.

Kimo (Kimokal), Evan Virgan Fajar J, Heruwa (Shaggydog), N.A.D.A (another Imel Kei Project), DJ Stroo, and Singaporean singer MAS1A with music producer Deleon “Jubba” White of White Stone Production are the six musicians who are involved in this remix album. Meanwhile, Rimba Mahardika, Tuyuloveme, Rio Simatupang, Pierre Alvian, Astari Achiel, and Mark Achiel are the visual artists who created the artworks for the 6 remixes. The remixes result in various ambience and sounds of electronic music. Each of the musician are able to present their own distinctive musical style without diminishing KunoKini’s true element. They combine the electronic and traditional music in one song which is “HeyBeb!!”.

Fikridzul adds that these gorgeous ladies (Cah Ayu) give them power for their life and creative process. The remix album is available to be streamed through several digital streaming services like Deezer, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL and many more. Listen to one of the remix of “HeyBeb!!” from Kimo Rizky here.