Gardika Gigih Kereta SenjaGardika Gigih Delivers Rhythmic and Beautiful Tunes on First Single “Kereta Senja”

Gardika Gigih is a talented composer and pianist from Yogyakarta and this year he’s going to release a new album. His name might be familiar to some of you, as he was featured on Banda Neira’s latest album “Yang Patah Hilang, Yang Tumbuh Berganti” that was released in early 2016. Beforehand, the alumnus of Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) also involved in a joint concert together with Banda Neira, Frau, Layur, and many more. On Monday, 13 February 2017, Gardika Gigih revealed the first single from his forthcoming album called “Kereta Senja” via Sorge Records. The song was selected since Gigih thought that it represents the whole album. The song lasts for more than 9 minutes, however it would not bore you to death as listening to it feels like exposing our ears to sea of emotion and adventure.

The first single is like a test for Gigih as he wants to introduce a new style of composition to the listeners. In our opinion, “Kereta Senja” could be interpreted widely. It is said that this song is his first version of train music, and you might have listened to the tunes while traveling on a train. That’s a simple way to put it, to someone else this song could be about life’s never ending phase, which moves on one onto another relentlessly, going to a specific destination with its ups and downs. Starting off with in a mellow and sombre tone with a howling string sound, it feels like a muffled feelings that could not be let out. Later on the melodies change pace and Gigih’s piano races, making the tunes fast, bold, and high spirited. With the help of drums and backing vocals, in this phase, it feels like all the good things in life come alive and blooms.

Gardika Gigih Kereta Senja
Artwork by @gatagitu

After such exhilarating mood, the rhythm calms down to let Ananda Badudu’s vocal comes through. The half of Banda Neira, wrote the lyrics which say “Pernahkah kau sedekat ini ku berlari dan berlari?” asking a rhetoric question about getting so close to the end of the line, yet you still run again and again. Accompanied by Desti Indrawati and Hana Azizia, the only lyrical part of the song becomes one of the highlight of “Kereta Senja”. During this phase, Gigih brilliantly inserts traditional folk elements to the song while also playing the dynamics once again. There’s more Ananda Badudu’s lyrics towards the end which catapults in a single piano note with a rather simple ending. The whole experience of listening to “Kereta Senja” is beautiful, as you are submerged into Gardika Gigih’s rhythmic and dynamic composition until you don’t realize the song has ended.

Its rich composition is due to many instruments and players taking part in the song. Gardika Gigih said it himself that “Kereta Senja” is one of the song which has the richest and most complete composition in the album. Recorded live at Universitas Sanata Dharma on 25-26 June 2016, it involved violin, viola, cello, electric guitar, drum and vocals. The musicians that participated in the making of this tracks are Suta Suma Pangekshi (violin), Dwi Ari Ramlan (viola), Alfian Aditya (cello), Wasis Tanata (drum), Febriann Mohammad (guitar), Desti Indrawati (mezzo soprano), Nurhana Azizia Latief (soprano), dan Ananda Badudu (vocal). Gatot Danar S. and Bayu Prasetyo were in charge for mixing and mastering the final result. Gardika Gigih’s soon-to-be launched album is called “Nyala” that is going to be released in digital and CD format. It is fully supported by Sorge Records which is a record label based in Bandung.

“We’re interested in making Gardika Gigih’s album since we think his music is excellent. Basically he is a componist (re: composer & pianist), then he transformed into band format which is an interesting concept. We never make and market album which most of its music is instrumental, so it becomes a challenge to us,” explains Sorge Records’ founder, Eky Alkautsar about the decision to help Gardika Gigih to make his album. Moreover, Gigih tells that “Nyala” is going to be an album full of hope. Since everyone must have gone through a tiresome and complex situations, the album is a guarantee that in the end everything is going to be fine. “Kereta Senja” as the first taste of the album, manages to capture our ears and hearts. The track is a proof that Gardika Gigih’s composition is worth checking out and we think that he’s ready for more spotlight since he is this good! Listen to “Kereta Senja” via Sorge Records Youtube account below.