Toast Story 4th Anniversary
Matcha Lova

Toast Story Launch 7 Brand New Dishes in Their Menu to Celebrate 4th Anniversary

In one hot afternoon, after hours of distress from college/workplace, what would refresh your soul? A toast box will definitely do! Toast Story in Malang has been popular with its signature dish of toast box, a bread box made that has been toasted and scrapped in the middle, and filled with various fillings. The toast box comes in sweet or salty choices. The sweet ones are filled with various sweets and topped with ice cream, while the salty ones are filled with proteins like chicken/beef/tuna meat. In order to celebrate their 4th birthday, Toast Story are about to launch 7 new dishes in their menu. Most of the new dishes are new variants of toast box, while some others are old menu with upgraded with new appearances. Another item is new variant of sweet and savory meal and snack. This week, The Display got the exceptional chance to taste the new menu prior to its launching date.

Toast Story 4th Anniversary
Sosis Cheese Mayo

The first menu we tried was a new kind of savory toast box called “Sosis Cheese Mayo”. The toast box was filled with sausage and chicken nugget, and added with mayonnaise and tomato sauce. The top of the toast box was covered by a sunny side up fried egg. It was a good temporary hunger-killer, with salty yet savory taste. The dish will cost you only for IDR25K. Then, there were 3 sweet variations of toast boxes. The first one was called “Matcha Lova”. The toast box was filled with four flavors of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and of course, this year’s most happening culinary trend, matcha. Hmmm, you could imagine how sweet and refreshing this dessert is! This toast box was the featured menu from the new ones, since toast box was Toast Story’s signature dish and matcha was everyone’s favorite.

Toast Story 4th Anniversary
Love Banut

The second new variant of sweet toast box was called “Love Banut”. Banut stood for Banana and Nut, so the toast box was filled with banana and melted chocolate. It was topped with chocolate ice cream and a sprinkle of chopped up nut. The excellence of this dessert laid on the nuts, which gave a savory profile to the sweet dish. The last new varian of sweet toast box was “Sweet Banana Choco Cheese”. It was a mix between banana, chocolate, and cheese topped with chocolate ice cream. This dessert  gave a perfect balance of sweet and salty, a nice company to spend the afternoon. The first two variants of sweet toast box, “Matcha Lova” and “Love Banut” range from IDR30-39K, while the “Sweet Banana Choco Cheese” costs for IDR25K.

Toast Story 4th Anniversary
Chilli Dori Rice

The next menu we tried was the only main course in the list of the new menu, it’s called “Chili Dori Rice”. It was fried Dori fish fillet topped with sauce made of mozzarella cheese, then added with chili flakes. The fish was accompanied by a combo of carbohydrate—rice and french fries, and also steamed vegetable. We considered the dish as a good money-value since it costs only IDR25K and will satisfy your hunger. The fried Dori fish fillet was crispy in outside yet very tender in inside, and the sauce wrapped it with fairly salty taste. The only  downside of the dish was, according to its name we would expect the dish would be spicy, but unfortunately it wasn’t spicy at all. Spicy lovers would be slightly disappointed with this dish.

Toast Story 4th Anniversary
Sosis Sushi

One salty snack that appeared from the new menu list was “Sosis Sushi”. It was fried nori sushi, stuffed with cheese and sausage. It was crispy, salty, and savory at once, it would definitely make you craving for more bites. The taste of the nori didn’t come through that much, it felt like the snack only consisted of fried sausage and cheese. The price of the snack is only IDR15K. The last dish in the new menu list was “Strawberry Roll”. It was roasted roll of white bread filled with chocolate sauce and strawberry jam. It had the perfect balance between sweetness from the chocolate and sourness from the strawberry jam. This was a perfect snack for those who were slightly full and wanted some more food to satisfy the appetite. The snack would cost you only for IDR12K. The new menu would be launched in February 18th 2017, in conjunction with the celebration of Toast Story’s 4th anniversary. During that day, Toast Story would also happily gave 50% discount on all variants of toast boxes and every dish in the new menu list.  You can come to Toast Story’s outlests at Jl. Bendungan Sutami  No.15 or at Jl. Soekarno Hatta 98C Malang to try them out. After all, food was always the best escape!

Writer: Jatrifia Ramadhani/Photo: Jatrifia Ongga