Dizzyhead Single ShiverDizzyhead Reveal The Music Video for Second Single “Shiver” During Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day a.k.a Tuesday for all single people out there! During the celebration of a day full of love, Dizzyhead, a surf punk unit hailing from Malang reveal the music video for “Shiver”. It’s a sarcasm towards the celebration since their single “Shiver” mainly talks about an end to a past relationship. It is the second single from the solo project of Hanifa Miryami after they debuted with “You” last year. On 5 February 2017 ago, Dizzyhead unveiled the single digitally through Fallyears Records’ Soundcloud account. The video is the result of a collaboration between Dizzyhead and Visual Report, and it shows a lo-fi and retro aesthetic cinematography.

As you could watch it yourself, Hanifa as the main model of the video can be seen doing random things while reminiscing her past lover. The band plan to launch their debut album titled “Good Ol’ Days” during this year through Fallyears Records, a fairly new independent record label based in Malang. It will be produced by Fallyears Records talent and also a member of Beeswax, Bagas Yudhiswa. You can watch the music video of “Shiver” below and follow the latest activity from Dizzyhear on their Instagram.