Broken Heart Gallery Exhibition at Plaza IndonesiaWhen Your Ex Becomes The Inspiration for Spectacular Art on Broken Heart Gallery Exhibition at Plaza Indonesia

Everyone must have gone through a heartbreak, whether for those who have significant other or even those who are single. If you have never been through a broken heart, it’s impossible to fall in love with the one you are seeing right now. On the month of February, which is known as the month full of love, Plaza Indonesia held a special exhibition with the theme “LOVE PHILOSOPHY” by displaying the philosophy of love in the form of an installation titled Broken Heart Gallery. The exhibition features 14 young and talented Indonesian artists who showcase their artworks which represent the feelings from each of them. They interpret the meaning and the aftermath of a broken heart through their pieces.

Broken Heart Gallery Exhibition at Plaza Indonesia“Different from most people who focus on sweet and beautiful love story during Valentine, this year Plaza Indonesia aim to take a contrasting point of view by making heartbreak as a phase of love that everyone has experienced. While reminiscing the bitter time, people will appreciate the love that they have now even more,” explained Zamri Mamat, the General Manager Marketing & Communications PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty, Tbk during the exhibition’s opening. The 14 artists who are featured on this exhibition including Ika Vantiani, Wicakana Laksmi Dewi, Ayu Dila Martina, Muhammad Taufiq(Emte), Evelyn Pritt, Abimantra Pradhana, Sekar Puti, Varsam Kurnia, Monica Hapsari, Resatio Adi Putra, Rebellionik, Diela Maharanie, Muchlis Fachri, and Adi Sundoro.

Broken Heart Gallery Exhibition at Plaza IndonesiaBesides the main attraction which is the art installation, during the opening that took place on Thursday (02/09/17), there was also a performance art by Nia Gautama. She used roses and a clay figure of a heart as objects, and it was combined with a theatrical performance. The event which located at Atrium On4, 4th floor of Plaza Indonesia also invited SORE Band to perform. The visitors were spoiled with the swaying tunes from SORE which made the experience more enjoyable. For you who live in Jakarta’s greater area, you can come and see various artworks inspired by heartbreak, Broken Heart Gallery has been opened for public since 6 February 2017 until the end of this month 28 February 2017. The artworks on display is the choices from Aisha Habis and Rega Ayundya as the two curators. For those who love art, you can visit the exhibition and a little warning for those who are facing a heartbreak right now, these artworks could trigger your past memories. Enjoy with caution!

Broken Heart Gallery Exhibition at Plaza Indonesia

Broken Heart Gallery Exhibition at Plaza IndonesiaBroken Heart Gallery Exhibition at Plaza Indonesia

Writer: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor: Novita Widia