Horison Ultima Malang ValentineFrench Affair on Valentine’s Menu by Horison Ultima Malang

Love is in the air during 14 February, and nothing could beat a romantic Valentine’s dinner set up for a pair of lovebirds. Horison Ultima Malang Hotel offer an exciting promotion only on Valentine’s day and we had the chance to get the first taste of the delectable menu. With the tagline of “…Be My Valentine”, Horison Ultima Hotel set up a romantic and intimate dining experience on the poolside. There are two price options for the dinner package which come at IDR350,000 and IDR 500,000 per couple. Executive Chef Dono explains that French cuisine become the inspiration of the Valentine’s menu that he creates. “We prepare a European style cuisine, French menu in particular. Since it’s Valentina and it’s full of love, France is the perfect country to draw our inspiration from. I learned from French chef, so I create three courses of French dishes for those who order the package,” utters Chef Dono.

Horison Ultima Malang Valentine
Chef Dono showing the prepared dishes

For both packages, the customers will get three course meal which starts with an appetizer of Classic French Tomato Cream Soup. It is a cream based soup, but instead of having plain creamy broth, they add tomato into so the dish becomes red in color. Chef Dono said that this is intentional to match the color of love which is red. It comes with a slice of garlic bread which you can dip into the soup. It had a nice acidity from the tomato, and we could feel the creaminess. However a little sweetness could make the dish more perfect and appetizing. The main course is Fillet Mignon, which is a classic French beef steak. The Fillet Mignon comes from imported US beef tenderloin, instead of grilling it just the way it is, Chef Dono inserts creamy spinach inside the meat. The dish comes with a side dish of mashed potato, sauteed vegetables, and mushroom sauce.

Horison Ultima Malang Valentine
Fillet Mignon

Seeing the waiter brought us a plate of the Fillet Mignon was really mouthwatering and we were sold at the appearance of the dish which was piled up high. After pouring the mushroom sauce, we cut up the meat which was medium-well grilled. It was tender and juicy at the same time, and the creamy spinach burst out in our mouth and matched well with the lightly seasoned beef. The mashed potato was smooth and the mushroom sauce was a little to salty, but overall the dish is the highlight of the whole course. As a dessert, they will serve you Chocolate Cherry Truffle. It’s a fudgy chocolate cake with bits of chopped cherry inside, it is then shaped into a heart form and poured with melted chocolate until it is set. Well, who doesn’t love chocolate cake after all?

Horison Ultima Malang Valentine
Chocolate Cherry Truffle

The difference from the 350K package and 500K package lies on its choice of drinks. For the 350K package, you could choose between smoothies or mocktail. While with the 500K package, you’ll get a choice of a glass of fruit wine. Food & Beverage Manager of Horison Ultima, Dodik says that they only prepare 10 limited tables for the Valentine’s promo. It will be nicely decorated and if the weather does not give a possible option of outdoor dining, Horison Ultima has already prepared their indoor setting. For you who want to make a reservation for this event, do it as soon as possible so you will have your special moment together on Valentine’s Day.

Pic by: Akhmad Alfan Rahadi/Writer: Novita Widia

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Location : Horison Ultima Malang Hotel, Jl. Green Boulevard No.2 Purwodadi – Malang (Kota Araya)