The LEGO Batman Movie ReviewREVIEW: The LEGO Batman Movie Puts Real-Life Batman to Shame

We were totally in love with the release of “The LEGO Movie” back in 2014. The movie truthfully delivered some of the best jokes, sarcasm, and anecdotes and the idea to turn the famous plastic brick figurines from Danish company to a motion picture is a genius idea we should applaud for. On that movie, some roles caught our attention and one of them is Batman. Fast forward to 2017, Warner Bros decided to put a solo spin-off movie for Batman titled “The LEGO Batman Movie”. The decision met with enthusiastic response from the fans of the previous installment, but some were honestly afraid that the Batman’s jinx (yeah, that Ben Affleck’s Batman in the lackluster Batman VS Superman movie) will affect its LEGO counterpart. Do not worry as we witnessed it ourselves, it does not disappoint.

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

The movie plot starts when Batman’s ultimate arch enemy, Joker plans his greatest yet unpredictable strategy to take over Gotham city and spreads terror with many criminals under his command. It is only right that Batman sees this as a threat and it is his responsibility to save the city. If the real life Batman movie always shows that he always wins in the end, it is not that simple on “The LEGO Batman Movie”. Batman is depicted to have many edges to his character. Batman is described as a night-stalking, crime-fighting vigilant justice and heavy metal rapping machine. He is a little too much full of himself, endangering the possibility to work with others and many more.

Will Arnett once again reprises his role from “The LEGO Movie” as the voice of LEGO Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. Zach Galifianakis plays the role of Joker, Michael Cera as the orphan Dick Grayson, Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon and Ralph Fiennes as Alfred. The movie is directed by Chris McKay and see the reunion of producer from The LEGO Movie namely Dan Lin, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Roy Lee. All of the background properties in this movie use LEGO bricks and the help of green screen, and animation technique to make the scenes come to life.

The LEGO Batman Movie ReviewThe movie shows another sides of Batman or Bruce Wayne who likes kids, eats lobster, plays guitar, even watches drama movie. For instance, it is far better than the Batman we get from its real action movie. “The LEGO Batman Movie” shows to the filmgoers that even though Bruce Wayne is often characterized as a classy man in his tuxedo, deep down inside he is missing his old family. There is a personal conflict appears when Alfred suggests that Bruce starts to have his own family. Surprisingly, this becomes the biggest fear of Bruce since he doesn’t want to feel the pain of losing people he’s close with. These scenes deliver important moral message about family. Not to mention, Joker lives up to his name in this movie by throwing some of the best lines which made us short of breath. We think that the director was able to deliver a movie which is not only amusing, but also transcends the age barrier.

The LEGO Batman Movie Review
The LEGO Batman Experience at Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang

For those who live in Tangerang, you can feel the experience of “The LEGO Batman Movie” to the fullest at Supermal Karawaci. There’s a huge figurine of LEGO Batman that the visitors could take picture with, as well as many fun activities for kids and family to enjoy. Those activities include The LEGO Batman Challenge, Meet Your Favorite LEGO Batman Characters, LEGO parent & child building competition, LEGO kids building competition, LEGO coaching clinic, LEGO Build & Take, and LEGO Free Play Area. The movie will be screened on Indonesia’s theaters widely starting this Friday, 10 February 2017. Get yo wife, get yo kids, and watch The LEGO Batman movie!

Writer: Audy Prasetya/Editor: Novita Widia