Dizzyhead Single ShiverDizzyhead Reveal a Heartbreaking Tune with 2nd Single “Shiver”

Dizzyhead charmed with their debut single last year titled “You”. While still working on their debut album “Good Ol’ Days” , the solo project of Hanifa Miryami decided to reveal their second single titled “Shiver”. The single has been uploaded onto Fallyears Records’ Soundcloud account last night. Unlike its predecessor track, “Shiver” talks about a heartbreak and an end to a relationship. While Hanifa repetitively sings “It was over” over a catchy tunes, the song bears the same tempo as “You” although having a rather sad theme. Bagas Yudhiswa as the producer and composer of this song manage to bring together melodious tunes with easily remembered hooks that remind us with the likes of indie pop acts like Alvvays or Peonies. Hanifa’s sweet voice profile matches perfectly with the tunes and we can’t help but listen to it over and over again.

The band that has done their debut live performance in a small gig in Malang also reveal another project which is a music video. As their first ever visual, Dizzyhead work with a creative visual house from Malang named Visual Report to bring you “Shiver” music video. A 17-seconds teaser video has been uploaded onto Fallyears Records Youtube and social media. In the press release, it is said that the full version will arrive during Valentine’s Day which falls on 14 February 2017. Furthermore, Dizzyhead have received warm welcome from Malang and Indonesia’s music scene proven by the thousands of streams the track “You” managed to gather. The band has also plan to do more live shows in the future, whether in Malang or beyond. Hopefully with the steady released from their camp, Dizzyhead will bring new color to the indie music scene. Their upcoming album “Good Ol’ Days” will be released sometime this year via Fallyears Records. Listen to “Shiver” above and watch the video teaser below.