Crimson Diary Freja
Pic by: Hendisgorge
Crimson Diary Unveil an Adorable Music Video for “Freja”, A Dedication for Beloved Daughter

When was the last time a music video melted our hearts? This video by Crimson Diary does and it’s for one of their single called “Freja”. The song is taken from Crimson Diary’s latest self titled album. The alternative rock unit from Malang appointed this track to be their lead single from the album and it tells about the daughter of Crimson Diary’s vocalist, Bill Walessa. His daughter whose name is Eve Freya Adeeva Elora became the inspiration when he wrote about this song and the music video reflects his joy and gratitude after conceiving a beautiful daughter like her. The video is set in a sephia toned cinematography and does not involve much complicated shooting technique as it is filled with personal footage from Bill Walessa’s family.

The music video is packed with video and photo collages from “Freja”, starting from the moment when she was born to the time when she is growing up until now. It was created by Bill Walessa himself and at this point he restores our faith in humanity by showing that fatherhood could be a very beautiful experience. “Freja” herself also contributed in the track as she sings some of the lines and the recording process was also captured by Bill. Her latest activity like playing, running around, and dancing were also displayed and we could not help but smile widely after seeing her adorableness. Moreover, Crimson Diary which consists of Bill Walessa, Muklis Huda, Agung ‘Bampho’, and Dyan already have two full lenght albums which are Senja (2014) and Crimson Diary (2016). They have promoted their newest album which was formed like a diary with a tour in some cities like Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Solo. Check out their video for “Freja” below.