Neonomora Be Still, My SoulNeonomora Unveils Mesmerizing Visual for “Be Still, My Soul”

Electronic singer, Neonomora unveiled her latest project which is a visual for single “Be Still, My Soul” on her Youtube account yesterday. The song was first introduced on November last year and the sleek ambience and powerful vocals from the singer managed to take our breath away. Composed and produced by Adhe Arrio, with Neonomora as the songwriter, the song chronicles the soloist’s struggle to achieve her dreams. The singer whose real name is Ratih Suryahutami are still on her way to finish an album called “Waters” while productively churning out single after single as we wait for the album to be revealed.

The singer explains, “At the beginning, this song was made as a self-reminder for myself, that many things I have sacrificed up to this point. Even my close friends (as close as my bandmates) believe in my persistence, and help me in achieving success, it is only right not to give up. Maybe this message could transcend many people from far different backgrounds than mine.” With the same spirit and message, the single is visualized into a music video with the help of Bagoes Tresna Aji as the director. Her determination is symbolized with female tennis player who endlessly swings out her racket and keep hitting the ball. A line on the song which says “one day you rise one day you fall” become the inspiration for the athlete figures who get back up even though she has fallen in order to reach victory.

The process of making the video was pretty fast with Neonomora, Bagoes Tresna Adjie and the model athlete get into the right chemistry and were on the same vibe before making the film. “Me, and the director, Bagoes Tresna Adjie spent some time talking about my personal experience of becoming musician since I first started as Neonomora. I told about my struggle and sacrifice that I faced after choosing this as a career. I talked to Bagoes about documenting a real athlete who had real tennis battle in this music video, because I think athletes could display about determination and struggle with their facial and body gesture precisely. Sadness will be clearly shown if they lose and happiness will present if they win during the match. So I contacted Indoenesian tennis player who had just turned 17, Joleta Budiman. We met and spent half a day sharing stories about struggle and her victory as an athlete. We instantly got the chemistry and shot the music video several weeks afterwards,” adds Neonomora.

If you’re curious how the music video turns out, watch the visual of “Be Still, My Soul” below. The single is also available to be enjoyed via iTunes, JOOX, Spotify, Apple Music, and Yonder Music.