Ikkubaru Amusement Park ReissueIkkubaru Reissue Debut Album “Amusement Park” via Misashi Records

City pop unit from Bandung, Ikkubaru, had a great year in 2016 with their solo tour across four cities in Japan and joint tour with the roster of Nanaba Records across Java along with Peonies and lightcraft. This year promises a brighter prophecy as the band that comprised of Muhammad Iqbal (vocal, guitar, keyboard, and programming),  Rizki Firdaussahlan (vocal and guitar), Muhammad Fauzi Rahman (bass), and Banon Gilang (drum) will reissue their debut album “Amusement Park” via Nanaba Records’ sister label, Misashi Records. The band was formed in 2011 and had their debut EP called “Hope You Smile” in 2013 out in Japan. Their endeavor is highly successful in Japan since all their physical releases are hunted by music enthusiasts there, however their prosperous foreign affair is not followed with local’s success. The difficulty to market their music into physical releases is one of the setback they have to face in Indonesia.

Monolite Records together with Misashi Records plan to turn it all around with the reissue of their debut full-length album called “Amusement Park”. It was originally released in Japan in 2014 via Japanese record label Hope You Smile Records. Since the same album which was repackaged in cassette format via Nanaba Records was sold out during Cassette Store Day 2016, it is only right that we also got the CD version of it. It signifies that it just takes a good management and a good record label to help them, since their own material is already great. The reissue album will have three new songs that are not included in the Japanese version. The band has also recently been announced to fill the line up of one of the most prestigious indie music festival in Indonesia, 7th Music Gallery.

Ikkubaru Amusement Park ReissueThe founder of Misashi Records, Jodi Setiawan also expresses his hope for the reissue, stating that it is a shame to let a band this good to waste in their own homeland. The album is hoped to make Ikkubaru more widely recognized in Indonesia to match their success in Japan. Ikkubaru who were formed by four schoolmates are also planning to release their sophomore album this year in Japan. Their forthcoming second album will be out in the middle of the year via Hope You Smile Records, with unknown release date in Indonesia. The “Amusement Park” reissue album could be purchased through offline independent music stores or online via Monolite Records for IDR50,000 only. Listen to their lead single “Amusement Park” below for a taste of their album.