Music Wednesday Arrio Pillow TalkArrio Delights with An Intricate Single “Pillow Talk” in Collaboration with Kallula

Starting off his career as a producer for successful electronic acts like Neonomora or Rayssa, Adhe Arrio with the stage name Arrio steps up his game and moves into the spotlight with his debut album “In Time”. Before releasing the full-length album, Arrio has released two singles which are called “FIN” and “Drown Me”. However, it’s another song from the album that caught our attention and it’s called “Pillow Talk”. Please bear in mind this is not a cover song of the top 40’s hit from an ex-boyband member. Featuring a guest vocalist Kallula from KimoKal, Arrio presents a highly luscious electronic sound with this single. The song starts off with a complex rattling sound which sounds like moving objects. It builds up to embrace Kallula’s soothing voice that managed to pull our attention right away. The beat’s pace stays the same throughout the song while the melodies dynamically change and make the song sounds sophisticated, magnetic and surreal.

Music Wednesday Arrio Pillow TalkArrio’s craft in combining these electronic elements are excellent and he knows the right way to utilize Kallula’s set of pipes in a slow tempo song like this. He cited Jamie XX, Richie Hawtin, Nicolas Jaar and James Blake as the influences of his musical work and if you also follow the aforementioned names, you could find a thing or two’s resemblances in Arrio’s music. Furthermore, “In Time” which contains 11 track has been released on January 27th via a host of digital outlets and streaming services like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify or Bandcamp. The album is out via his record label, Double Deer Music which is known as an electronic music record label based in Jakarta. If you love a refined, complex and contemporary sounding electronic music, then Arrio’s album “In Time” must be the perfect fit for you and to think that this kind of sound coming from an Indonesian act is just overwhelming. Listen to our favorite from the album “Pillow Talk” featuring Kallula below.