Dia.Lo.Gue Tiga Negeri ExhibitionTiga Negeri Exhibition: Tracing Back Peranakan Culture in Indonesia

It’s a known fact that foreign cultures have assimilated into Indonesia’s native culture and customs long before the era of Dutch’s invasion. One of the most prominent culture that have fused into our country was imported from China. They resided and bred here, thus created a new genre of culture called “Chinese Peranakan”. Dia.Lo.Gue together with three renowned designers from Indonesia, Edward HutabaratDidi Budiarjo and Adrian Gan hold an exhibition titled “Tiga Negeri: Peranakan Fashion & Collection of Edward Hutabarat, Didi Budiarjo and Adrian Gan” from January 22nd to February 5th 2017. The exhibition showcases the three designers’ interpretation of Peranakan culture influence in modern couture collection. They also put their personal collection of artworks, fabrics, ceramics and artifacts on display to show their profound love to conserve Chinese peranakan influence in the archipelago.

Dia.Lo.Gue Tiga Negeri ExhibitionThe fashion items that they exhibit there include a modern take on peranakan batik in combination with denim, semi-formal attire with kebaya encim as the highlight, and couture dresses. Tiga Negeri batik that inspires the title of the exhibition was made by a Chinese batik-maker clan named Tjoa. Tjoa family who resided in Solo combined three types of batik pattern in making their masterpiece. They worked together with batik maker along Javanese northern coastal regions like Pekalongan, Lasem and Solo believing that these three distinct regions would give three different influences on their batik. Lasem which was densely populated with Chinese migrants gave vibrant red color to the batik from noni plants, meanwhile Dutch’s influence was very apparent in Pekalongan batik with its blue color coming from indigo plants, and lastly Solo gave its traditional earthy brown color to the cloth.

Dia.Lo.Gue Tiga Negeri ExhibitionDia.Lo.Gue Tiga Negeri ExhibitionThe late batik legend from solo Go Tik Swan or also known as K.R.T. Hardjonagoro‘s collection is also shown during the exhibition ranging from small artifacts, to fine China and other type of porcelains. The exhibition utilizes almost all the space at Dia.Lo.Gue’s artspace and you could learn the philosophy behind each collection on the small placard they put beside it. Tiga Negeri Exhibition at Dia.Lo.Gue artspace has been opened for public until February 5th and it reminiscences Peranakan culture’s triumphant era and showcases its relevance for today’s culture as well. It is a perfect exhibition to see just in time for Chinese New Year celebration.

Reporter & Pic: Intan Maharani/Writer: Novita Widia