Pecha Kucha Night Malang Vol.1 ReportInspiring Night with Pecha Kucha Night Malang Vol.1

Taking place at Kedai Food and Factory Malang, Pecha Kucha Night Malang Vol.1 has successfully been held for the first time on 28 January 2017. The event that lasted for almost three hours presented 11 speakers who are Malang natives who either was born and raised here or lived in the city. They come from various career backgrounds that is architect, designer, journalist, musician and producer. Ranging from relatively young age to a seasoned professional, each of them offer their personal experience during the course. The audience also came from different backgrounds thus adding diversity to the mix.

Pecha Kucha Night Malang Vol.1 Report
Deddy Wahjudi

Pecha Kucha first gave the chance for Deddy Wahjudi (an architect, the founder of LABO architecture and design in Bandung) who is the founder of Pecha Kucha Indonesia as the first presenter. It was then followed respectively by Amrie from Darimasalalu (founder of @dari_masalalu, an analog film and photography community), Astu Prasidya a.k.a @ygmaha_tooliq (cinematographe, film and animation director), Yujin Sick (illustrator and graphic designer), Muhammad Fajar Siddiq Adjam (participant of Model United Nation in Harvard University and PAIR Participant), Heri Mulyono (music illustrator and journalist), Yusuf Muntaha (producer and founder of, Azila Prabaningtyas (COO and co-founder of, Unda Undi (indie musician from Malang), Catur Rosyid (founder of Melwoodwatch) and Aditya Satya Putra (graphic designer and illustrator).

In the beginning of the event, Sam Aji as the representative from Pecha Kucha Night Malang explained that this event had a purpose to be the medium for expressing ideas, introducing products and plans or creation with a unique format which is 20 x 20. Each presenter was given 20 seconds for 20 slides and almost all of them presented interesting experience and creative process that they had. They also shared about how to find the idea for their respective job and some gave an elaborate lecture about their future plans.  The audience that night looked enthusiastic and listened to the materials closely. Rizky Boncell as the MC brought laughter and fun to the seemingly serious event and it managed to relax the tense that the speakers experienced prior to their presentations.

Pecha Kucha Night Malang Vol.1 ReportWe had a chance to ask few question to Deddy Wahjudi after the event has finished and he gave his opinion about the first volume of Pecha Kucha Night in Malang. He said that it had been a long wish for him to hold Pecha Kucha Night in Malang, and considering the rising development of the creative industry here it is the right time to do it. “I had the initiative (to hold Pecha Kucha Night in Malang), since I am a Malang native and I feel the responsibility to go home and give something meaningful to the city after wandering far away. The plan for Pecha Kucha Night Malang Vol. 1 has also been prepared since last year and finally it could be held well in cooperation with the youths here to create Pecha Kucha Night Malang,” explained Deddy about the first volume. He further said that the unique format acted solely as the connector. Since it’s a one way presentation which means that the audience could not ask or respond to the presentation, it gives freedom for both parties to reach out to each other after the event is finished.

As an addition, Pecha Kucha was first pioneered by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo, Japan as the platform for the architects to converse and share ideas. Until now Pecha Kucha Night has been held in over 900 cities all around the world and was first introduced in Indonesia in Bandung during 2008. Malang becomes the fourth city in Indonesia to hold the same event and hopefully it could become a moment to introduce, bring out insights and unify ideas from creative brains of Malang’s passionate youths. With the theme of “Create Society, Empowering Idea”, support from the society is also expected to make the dreams come true. They plan to hold Pecha Kucha Night Malang four times in a year and it will open the gate widely for creative people in the city to present their ideas in more editions to come.

Writer: Arie W. Omen/Editor: Novita Widia