HIRA Solitude EPIndie Pop Band from Jatinangor, Hira, Chronicles Melancholy with “Solitude EP”

Hira, is an indie pop band led by a man named Hadi Muhammad from Jatinangor. Back in September 2016, Hira have released a single titled “Perish” and a mini album called “Solitude” followed suit in January 2017. The mini album was released on 24 January 2017 via several digital outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and physically released via Mundane Records, a new record label based in Jakarta. The four track album lasts about 16 minutes and the songs were written based on personal experience of Hadi Muhammad. He went through anxiety, loss, and nostalgia when he spent his time alone. In the solitude, he created the tunes and plot of the songs while looking out through the window from his room at Jatinangor. The album artwork was created by Delino Barid, the creative director from Mundane Records.

HIRA Solitude EPIn this album, you could feel a hint of dream pop and lo-fi influence from indie American bands. He said that he was inspired by the sounds from those bands and he tried to process it with melancholic tunes which show complex emotion in the lyrics department. The album contains 1 song in English, and the rest are in Indonesian. Hira show their versatility in composing the songs in both languages while maintaining the lyrics to be not overly cheesy. If you love the likes of DIIV, Alvvays, Bedchamber, or Peonies, then Hira might be up in your alley. Mundane Records said the digital release from one of their roster, is a step towards the physical release of “Solitude EP” which is planned to drop in March 2017. Below is the full tracklist from the mini album and you can also listen to it below.

“Solitude EP” Tracklist:
1. Semu
2. Kita dan Malam
3. Perish
4. Terperangah