Pecha Kucha Night Malang Vol.1Pecha Kucha Night Welcomes Its First Edition in Malang with a Creative Sharing

Pecha Kucha Night is a presentation format using the formula of 20 x 20, in which each presenter is required to explain 20 slides with 20 seconds each. The format has gained popularity in some cities around the world after it was being introduced in Japan. Jakarta has already held its 28th edition last year, this year Malang will follow suit to hold its first edition of Pecha Kucha Night and become the fourth city in Indonesia that celebrate it. The first topic of that they choose is “Create Society, Empowering Idea”. Eleven presenters have been selected to share their creative experiences and they come from various fields of profession. They are all Malang’s very own creative individuals who are willing to learn together and develop their idea to improve the city’s creative growth with the help of society.

The event will be held on Saturday, January 28th 2017 at Kedai Food Factory, Jl. Bendungan Sutami 317 C. Those eleven presenters are Astu Prasidya (animator), Unda-Undi band, Senpai (Muhammad Andri Abdi, illustrator), Aditya Satya (designer/illustrator), Deddy Wahyudi (architect), Catur Rosyidi (Melwood Watch), Yusuf Monthana – Yosoft (broadcaster), Muhammad Fajar Shiddiq Adjam (delegation of Indonesia China Youth Exchange Program at China & HPAIR), Ricky Sudiarto (the founder of & ASEAN Youth Eco Leader 2013), Amri (the founder of community based analog photography, darimasalalu) and Heri Mulyono (the founder of Jazz Bromo). The sheer of interests that vary will hopefully make Pecha Kucha Night Malang become a platform that unifies ideas, creates insight, and bridges the creative brains of Malang citizens who are known to be filled with passionate youth.

Pecha Kucha Night organizer in Malang open the event for public and you can register yourself by contacting their number at +6281285320742. You can also follow their latest activity at their Instagram @pechakuchamlg. Join their sharing event and get inspired!