Write The Future "Write You Off"It’s Been A While for Write The Future, But We Won’t “Write You Off”

The pop-punk quintet from Malang, Write The Future have a pretty long history and their project was founded back in 2009. The band is still active and going strong until now, and the latest news from them comes in a form of new single called “Write You Off”. Dandy (vocal), Risang (guitar), Dimas (guitar), Agung (drum), and Yoga (bass) revealed the single yesterday on January 18th 2017 on their Soundcloud account. “Write You Off” was released ahead of their full-length album launch that is planned to be dropped this year. Write The Future’s new album is called “Changing Pace” and it contains 10 tracks in total including “Write You Off”.

Musically, the new single does not derive much from WTF’s previous tunes. It bears the same spirit, atmosphere and progressiveness. In one listen, if you have followed the band long enough, you will instantly notice their signature sound. The lyrics as the title suggests, talk about past regrets, memories, and history that they want to forget. The longer we stay in the past, the longer it takes to move forward. In one sense, “Write You Off” is a pretty optimistic and uplifting single that befits to be the lead single of “Changing Pace”. There’s a fun fact in this track, as you could fine a line saying “burying my own trace” which refers to their latest EP title “Bury My Trace Someone Will Take My Place”. The line could be found on the last track from the EP called “Safe To Say” as well and it seems like they want to emulate a continuation concept from previous release.

Write The Future "Write You Off"
Changing Pace Album

Write The Future also told us that in general this single could be deemed as the broad representative of their forthcoming records. The band’s discography includes 2 EP which are “Reason” (2012) and “Bury My Trace Someone Will Take My Place” (2014) and 1 split album with Story Starry Night from Bekasi called “Couch to Couch” (2014). Listen to “Write You Off” below as a gear up for their album release.