Oh My Goat by Horison Ultima Malang Hotel
Kambing Oven
Oh My Goat! Indulge Your Taste Buds in Lamb Fiesta by Horison Ultima Malang

Goat/lamb meat is one source of animal protein that is highly used in Indonesian culinary. Despite some people despise the strong flavor of the meat, the fans of goat/lamb cuisine are not few. Horison Ultima Malang Hotel capture these demands and provide a special promo that is called “Oh My Goat!” which offers three lamb-based dishes. The goat/lamb meat is cooked in Indonesian seasoning and spices and there are Kambing Oven, Tongseng, and Tengkleng. Ratna Wina, the marketing communication of Horison Ultima Malang said that Oh My Goat is part of their regular seasonal promo and it will run from January 2017 to February 2017 at Malabar Restaurant of Horison Ultima Malang Hotel. The menu is available to order for lunch or dinner and you can dine in at the restaurant or take it away to be enjoyed at home.

We were given a chance to test the three goat menu that have the signature recipe from Horison Ultima on Thursday, 12 January 2017. First and foremost, their Kambing Oven boasts 200 plus grams’ goat meat which has been marinated in their special marinade then baked until it’s cooked perfectly. The meat was taken from the thigh part and you can see a huge bone jutting out of it. It was served with sweet soy sauce with chunks of shallots and bird’s eye chili. The meat was falling off the bone, and you could taste that the marinade has seeped into the most inner part of the meat. The addition of the sweet and spicy sauce, matches the goat meat and created a harmony in our mouth. However, the tenderness could be elevated even more to make Kambing Oven the perfect goat dish to eat.

Oh My Goat by Horison Ultima Malang Hotel
Tongseng Kambing

We had their Tongseng next, which is a Javanese goat stew dish. The portion was also big in our opinion and it’s enough to feed two to three people if you eat it with a plate of warm rice. The aromatic spices which was sautéed could be clearly tasted in this dish. The meat was taken from the ribs part and there’s plenty of them there. The dish also had diced tomatoes, cabbage, and chili and each of them add texture, acidity, spiciness and another dimension to the Tongseng. All the elements in it were balanced and the thick soup tasted rich in flavor.

Oh My Goat by Horison Ultima Malang Hotel
Tengkleng Kambing

Lastly, their Tengkleng had huge chunks of meat from the ribs part, and many more. Having the same appearance as Gulai Kambing, Tengkleng has a thinner soup. There are also chilies, green onion, and shallots sprinkled over the dish. The cuisine which originated from Central Java also had rich tasting soup and we think it’s a perfect companion to eat while it’s raining. It warms you up from the inside and makes you crave for a second serving. Don’t you worry about the price of these dishes, because in this special offer, Horison Ultima will only charge IDR 95,000 per pax for Tongseng and Tengkleng, and IDR 100,000 for Kambing Oven. With the high enthusiasm from foodies and culinary seekers out there, it is highly possible that the dishes could stay as their staple menu. Try it while the promo still lasts!

Image Credit : Akhmad Alfan Rahadi


Oh My Goat! by Malabar Restaurant from Horison Ultima Malang Hotel

  • Kambing Oven: IDR 100K + +/pax
  • Tongseng Kambing: IDR 95K + +/pax
  • Tengkleng Kambing IDR 95K + +/pax

Service : Dine In/Take Away

Reservation or Order Contact : 0341 – 484 777 ext. 111


Location : Horison Ultima Malang Hotel, Jl. Green Boulevard No.2 Purwodadi – Malang (Kota Araya)