Rumah Serem Kopine Pak JokowiRumah Serem Brings Laughter with New Single “Kopine Pak Jokowi”

Intrigued by the title? Wait until you listen to the entire song from Rumah Serem called “Kopine Pak Jokowi”. Written and sung entirely in Javanese, the song has a humble beginning and describes about how coffee becomes a universal drink. Rumah Serem is a orkes crossover unit which comprised of Amin (vocal), Tobenk (vocal), Supri (guitar), Kempel (keyboard), Danang (bass), Momu (guitar), Gilang (drum) and Samid (percussion). The single and the music video of “Kopine Pak Jokowi” has been released during a launching party called Mera(h)wani that was held back in November 2016. The idea behind the song comes from their observation on how coffee from cheap to very expensive has its own enthusiast, and they come from different backgrounds starting from site workers to president. The music video was produced independently by themselves, with the DOP handled by Fiole Adithya who has worked on Tani Maju and Sumber Kencono’s videos. MF Wafy from MonoHero acted as the producer and assistant director while the director position was taken by Rumah Serem’s vocalist Amin “Sumantri”.

During the launching party of Mera(h)wani, several guest musicians were also invited to be the opening acts prior to the main performance. There are Rotan & Kayu, Audiosick, and Disfungsi. Each of them were asked to bring their own takes on Rumah Serem’s songs which resulted in unique arrangements. The event was ended with the music video screening from Rumah Serem and their live set. Rumah Serem who combine the elements from orkes that is inspired by daily life reminds you of other similar acts like Kuburan, OM PMR, or Tani Maju. They plan to continue recording their debut album at AA Studio and release it sometime this year. Here is the music video of “Kopine Pak Jokowi”, a fun number to start out your weekend.