Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2017Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2017 Brings Back The International Noise Festival Near You

The noise community from Yogyakarta known for their adoration towards experimental audio, noise, harsh noise, ambient, drone, circuit bending are back again with Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2017. Noise which is usually a defect found during a recording or music composition, is becoming something attractive in the hands of the musicians in this community. The festival aims to become a platform for local, national and even international noise artists to perform their composition, collaborate, and showcase their unusual stage act. Jogja Noise Bombing itself is an open community for the artists and enthusiasts of noise music and they have held instruments-making workshop, exhibition, showcase in public area, discussion, film screening about Noise muisc and organizing tour for Noise acts, this festival is one of their annual agenda.

The previous editions of Jogja Noise Bombing Fest have gained attention from several mass media, including The Wire, a British music and contemporary art magazine that did a coverage for the festival in their December 2015’s edition. Noisey and VICE International also shone a spotlight to the growing community. Their appeal also lays on their line up that makes this festival can be deemed to be an international scale music celebration. This year’s foreign acts come from Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Singapore and Malaysia. Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2017 will showcase performances and collaborations from several Experimental DJs from Indonesia and beyond. The festival will run on January 15th 2017 from 3 PM to 11 PM at Saung Garlic, Jl. Rogoyudan 1 No.1 Sinduadi, Mlati, Sinduadi, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Take a look at the complete list of the performers below and get ready to be blown away!

Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2017 Line-Up :
Raung Jagat: experimental choir arranged by Rully Sabhara of Senyawa
Yogyakarta Synth Ensemble: DIY synthesizer ensemble that was formed by Lintang Radittya from “Kenali Rangkai Pakai” and conducted by Tony Maryana from Total Perkusi
Tzii: an experimental noise unit from Belgium
DJ Nure Onna: experimental turntablist from Switzerland
Bossbattle: harsh noise act from Delaware, USA
HKPT: spoken words noise duo from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Grindtabachan: the first noise act from Bali
Radioage: electronic noise act from Bandung
Patrick Hartono
Baby Aspirin DVD (USA)
Schizophrenic Wonderland (Singapore)
S*I*N (Singapore)
Suffer In Vietnam
SoonCrazy (Bali)
Collaboration between Ikbal S Lubys x Sulfur x Andi Meinl x Andreas Siagian