Buka'an 8 Movie“Buka’an 8” Reveals Its Official Trailer and Describes the Struggle of A Young Couple

Ahead of the release date that has been set on February 23rd, Visinema Pictures uploaded the official trailer of “Buka’an 8” on their Youtube channel. “Buka’an 8” tells a story of a young couple named Alam played by Chicco Jerikho and Mia played by Lala Karmela who face a harsh reality after they got married and are about to deliver their baby. Being 9 months pregnant, Alam insists that Mia should be taken to the best hospital in Jakarta. Unfortunately, the budget that has been prepared by him falls short since the promotion period from the hospital has ended. Alam has to prove himself in front of his wife and her whole family, that he is a responsible husband and he’s capable of taking care of Mia and their soon-to-be-born child.

The drama comedy movie is directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko and produced by Anggia Kharisma and Chicco Jerikho, with Salman Aristo as the scriptwriter. The chronicle of this young couple is a portrayal of many millenial couples that struggle to maintain their lifestyle while working twice as hard to fulfill their needs. The constant demand from the wife’s side of family also put Alam in a difficult situation since he is known to be online on his social media all the time and not having a real desk job. The dramatic delivery story was partly inspired by Anggia Kharisma’s experience when she delivered her own child. While the other situations could be found often in other people’s lives so the film feels close and relatable.

In this movie we will also got to see actings from Sarah Sechan who plays the role of Ambu, Mia’s mother and Tyo Pakusadewo who plays the role of Abah, Mia’s father. Dayu Wijanto, Uli Herdiansyah, Ary Kirana, Melissa Karim, Maruli Tampubolon, TJ, Ivy Batuta, Deddy Mahendra Desta, Marwoto, Roy Marten, Nadine Alexandra and Adriano Qalbi are also listed to make appearance in “Buka’an 8”. Watch the trailer below that has Payung Teduh as the soundtrack and mark your date to February 23rd to watch “Buka’an 8” with your loved ones.