The LonsThe Lons Debut With An Anthem for Millenials Called “Ante Meridien (AM) Void”

Suffering from mid-20’s crisis? The Lons might have the perfect tune for you to listen to and it’s called “Ante Meridien (AM) Void”. The band that was formed in December 2015 in Malang, deem themselves to bring the genre of iPop, which is short of i (am) popular, since everyone is trying to be famous these days. The satire does not stop there since they dedicate their debut single as a portrayal of millenials’ current situations. The high pressure from life and digital world do not compare to the emptiness we feel. The harsh reality we face as fresh graduates as well as the demand to pursue happiness seem to be in contrary with one another. The situation is also clearly portrayed in the single artwork which has a guy sleeping on a messy room.

The LonsBayu (drum), Alvin (guitar), Dewa (bass), and Dino (guitar) wrap all of these thoughts into a 7 minute track. It opens with a the hit of the drum then accompanied with the pick of two guitars. The vocals appear with the strum of a guitar, and they pick up the pace in 2:42 marks only to slow it down to their initial tempo. The song reminds us of the soundtrack from coming-of-age movie. It might be suitable to be listened to at night during the AM hours, when we’re still awake and suddenly feel a void has taken over. Near the end of the song, it’s all a mix of every kind instrumentals with the addition of recorded voice over, which makes the song has a little post-rock feel to it. The Lons have released this song as a free download that you can obtain through Kanaltigapuluh netlabel. Moreover, you can follow The Lons’ activity on their blog and listen to “Ante Meridien (AM) Void” below.