Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen24 Hour Dining Experience at Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

Happy New Year, folks! We are so grateful for our culinary experience that we have shared with you in 2016. On the first weekend of 2017, we decided to have lunch with our friends at Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen. Lucky Cat is a kind of casual dining café and resto that was established in July 11th, 2016. Lucky Cat serves tasty food and beverages with simple yet comfy ambience. You can visit the café with your peers or for those who need to change their working environments, this place is suitable for you. No need to worry if you have tons of work to finish, because Lucky Cat is open for 24 hours and it is located in South Parking Plaza Festival No. 1 Jl. HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta. We tried several food and beverages from their menu, which ranges from light snacks to main courses. Roasted Chicken, Caesar Salad, and Chicken Wings are our choice of food, while for the drinks we had Nutella Latte, Caramel Latte, Guava Juice, and Long Black Coffee. Our meals would not be complete without dessert, so Tiramisu cake became our sweet escape.

As an appetizer, Lucky Cat’s Caesar Salad contained romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, poached egg, beef bacon and shaved parmesan cheese. One thing for sure was they did not mess with the salad and it tasted good. The veggies were not soaked in too much sauce and it was worth the price. In the case of the poached egg, it was quail egg instead of regular chicken egg. The Roasted Chicken is a traditional French style roast chicken served with mixed greens, baby potato and tomato. The chicken was so tender and easy to be pulled apart, their seasoning wasn’t infused that deep to the poultry’s bone but it was roasted perfectly. The salad was served fresh with no seasoning. While the potato and tomato were grilled a little and seasoned a bit. The portion was hearty enough to fulfill our hungry tummy.

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen
Roasted Chicken and Nutella Latte

Still hasn’t got enough food? Have a little Chicken Wings. Their chicken wings were savory and salty, it had the crunch of a fried chicken and well it’s chicken wings what could have gone wrong with it? Nutella Latte then came to the rescue, it was served with marshmallow and cookies on top. As a big fan of Nutella, we could clearly taste the chocolate hazelnut flavor in it. We love it because it was not overly sweet and the perfect blend of fresh milk, coffee, Nutella, and shaved ice was to die for!

As for the Caramel Latte, it had a balanced ratio between espresso and milk. Unfortunately, the caramel flavor that we were looking for did not come through that much. Their Guava Juice was fresh but it needed to be thickened a bit, so we would not feel like drinking Guava flavored water. Since they have “Coffee” on their name, we expected a lot towards their Long Black Coffee and they nailed it. It was served in a tall glass with ice, and to enjoy the real coffee we did not put any sugar in it, we liked it a lot.

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen
Tiramisu Cake

Finally, we had to admit something…. We fell in love with Lucky Cat’s Tiramisu. A slice of their Tiramisu cake was huge. At first we thought that this dessert would taste dull just like any other mediocre tiramisu out there, but how wrong we were. With many layers of whipped cream, mascarpone cheese, espresso infused sponge cake, each of them bursts out with strong flavor. The acidity of the espresso as well as the bitterness of the cacao powder on top was fused perfectly with the sweetness of the cream. Another plus point was, it was served cold, so it felt very refreshing.

We adore Lucky Cat’s ambience which offers the utmost comfort for their customers. In a busy city like Jakarta, it is nice to find an establishment which is open all the time. They also have various menu that you can set to your dining time, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or maybe brunch and late-night snack. The customers are also free to take lemon-infused water that was available near the cashier counter.


Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

Operational Hour: 24 Hours

Service : WiFi/Indoor

Food Price Range: IDR 25K – 79K

Caffeine Based Drinks Price Range: IDR 35K – 40K

Non-Caffeine Based Drinks Price Range: IDR 35K

Tiramisu: IDR 35K/slice

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Location: South Parking Plaza Festival, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta