Monohero FutouraMonohero Chronicle their Journey of Futoura Throughout December 2016

Psychedelic ambient act from Malang, Monohero have just finished their second leg tour titled “Futoura” that happened throughout December 2016. The tour was aimed to promote their first EP called “Shimmy and Shimmer”. While on the first leg of the tour they visited Bali, Solo and Jakarta, this time they went to visit Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Semarang as their tour stops. With 50 pieces of “Shimmy and Shimmer” CDs, the band embarked on “Futoura” tour across Java using land transportation.

Monohero FutouraIn Yogyakarta, Monohero which consists of Muhammad Fadhil Wafy (Music Player & Main Composser), Arie W. Omen (Vocalist), and Alfian Roesman (Visual Player) were greeted warmly by Senyawa’s member Wukir Suryadhi and his wife, Gendhis. The trio performed their set in the city of gudeg, with great response from the crowd. It made their journey to Bandung felt more optimistic. Bandung became a place where Monohero did three gigs in one or two days apart and the members could not be more excited to introduce their music to Bandung’s music enthusiasts. “Bandung is a warm place for Monohero. We met with nice people and creative youths. Exchanging ideas, opinion and experience became an incredible gift for us. One day we will return to this city,” said Monohero. The relatively small spaces that they held those gigs in Bandung were successfully transformed into Monohero’s wonderland which is filled with beautiful visual mapping and psychedelic colors.

Monohero FutouraThe days that they were not doing their tour, Monohero used their free time to visit local art establishments and they even went to see Senyawa’s concert in Jakarta in between their schedule. Semarang became their last destination and it offered a unique experience for the band as they got to perform in the middle of a residence where local citizens watch them play their music. Afterward, Monohero officially wrapped up their “Futoura” tour and returned to their hometown with a big homework waiting for them. This year they plan to release their full-lenght debut album and it is not an easy task to do. Hopefully the knowledge they acquired while being on “Futoura” tour could become an asset for their forthcoming record.