Natisa Jones Tough Romance ExhibitionNatisa Jones Entices You with “Tough Romance”, A Solo Exhibition On Capturing Complex Relationship

Artist Natisa Jones who currently resides in Bali, is displaying her work through a solo exhibition in Jakarta titled “Tough Romance”, presented by Ruci Artspace. Reading the exhibition title, one would think that her take on romance would portray relationship between humans, however it is not the case for Natisa Jones, who is a fine art graduate from RMIT University Australia. Curated by Glenda Sutardy, Natisa’s artworks which include two distinct areas, drawing and painting, depict a complex relationship between her conscious self, and her Inner Child identity that searches for self-expression and meaning within the complex paradoxes of life.

Natisa Jones Tough Romance ExhibitionAs we dwell deeper into Natisa’s works, her paintings embody several layers of paints, textures and also lines that at some point we could witness her inner child sub-conscious takes control and present itself upon those artworks. Natisa has always drawn people, capturing the looks of passerby in the street, hearing flashes of conversations by people close by, or of complete strangers. The paintings and her creative process are the result of extraction from a type of play taking place within a transitional neutral area of her conscious and subconscious mind. While she is in a state of play, she attempts to connect her present Self to her Child Self which produce creative energy for this young artist. She later explains, “For me, the inner child sparks the thrill and love of creating, romanticizing life. It exists amongst realms of external conditions. Tough Romance is my attempt to harmonize this relationship between the inner child and its external context. This harmony is what enables me to sustain the love and pureness in creating and of life itself, embracing the dynamics of externals factors”.

Natisa Jones Tough Romance Exhibition
Natisa Jones

Furthermore, Tough Romance has been open for public since December 9th 2016 and the exhibition will run until January 22nd 2017. This will be a chance for any art enthusiasts to explore Natisa’s realm as she discovers her self-identity and tries to connect her present self and inner child sub-conscious through the selected works.

Natisa Jones Tough Romance ExhibitionExhibition Period
10.12.16 – 22.01.17
Mon – Sun | 11 AM – 7 PM
Location : RUCI Art Space
Jl. Suryo No. 49
Jakarta Selatan