Indonesian Rice SatuIndonesian Rice Reveal Illustrated Lyrics Video of “Satu”

New year, new music video from reggae dub unit from Surabaya, Indonesian Rice. On January 1st, 2017 the band uploaded a lyrics video for their single “Satu”. It is not just a regular lyrics video since there is an illustration made specifically for this single in courtesy of Surabaya’s talented artist, Celcea Tifani. The single itself is taken from their album “PROLOG” that was released back in May 2015. The song tells about an admiration towards someone special that one used to love, only to realize that he could not go back to that time. There’s only a wild imagination to love that one person wholly. The song has a little soul and ska feel to it, with profound sound of saxophone could be heard throughout the song.

Indonesian Rice SatuCelcea Tifani which now resides in Shanghai, China reveals her perspective and interpretation as an artist while listening to Indonesian Rice’s songs, with “Satu” in particular which was then poured into an illustration. As we can see from the video, the artwork has a bright orange color as the background and then layered with geometrical shapes and stripes. Celcea explains, “In “Satu”, there is two parts of the song which are lyrics and music. When I listened to the song, I enjoyed the music more. The instruments that I heard was rich and confident, personally I like that kind of instrument. When I listened to “Satu”, there are many layers in that song like the piano, brass section, vocal, and another music instrument that make them all sound dynamic.”

Indonesian Rice Satu
Indonesian Rice x Celcea Tifani for “Satu”

Started with her adoration towards the instrument part of “Satu”, Celcea becomes comfortable and feels a sense of proximity and love to it. She was inspired to create a layered artwork just like the layered instruments that could be found on the song. The particles of the illustration fall on top of another and complete each other in one cohesive artwork. The colors namely orange, green and blue represent Celcea’s feelings when she listens to the song. Furthermore, Indonesian Rice’s album “PROLOG” can be purchased through iTunes and you could watch the lyrics video of “Satu” in collaboration with Celcea Tifani below.